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Manage a labor rate card

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Manage a labor rate card

The labor rate card associates a rate code with a labor rate.

  1. Navigate to Cost > Labor Rate Cards.
  2. Create or edit a record (see table for details).
    Field Input Value

    String field summarizing the purpose of the rate card.

    Rate code

    For reference use only, if you want to align rates with an external system.

    Rate type The rate type that is used to determine if the labor rate card matches with the rate type on the time card.

    Check box which determines if the rate card will be actively used.

    Hourly rate

    Identifies the hourly rate to be applied to task time worked entries if the worker meets the condition defined.


    Defines a filter on the user table to determine whether the task time worked user applies to this rate card. This field uses the Condition Count Widget to preview what records would be returned by the conditions.