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Tables installed with Application Portfolio Management

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Tables installed with Application Portfolio Management

Table Description
Application Bubble Chart [apm_bubble_chart] Bubble chart configuration.
Application Business Service Risk [sn_apm_tpm_business_service_risk] Stores risks on a business service for TPM.
Application Category [apm_application_category] Application category to which the business application belongs to.
Application Category Group [apm_application_category_group] Group of application categories.
Application Family [apm_application_family] All application families.
Indicator [apm_metric] Indicator definition to capture the indicator scores.
Indicator Score [apm_app_indicator_score] Indicator scores calculated by the engine based on the profile.
Scoring Profile [apm_application_profile] Scoring profile definition.
Profile Indicator [apm_application_profile_indicator] Application profile indicator having the weightage the indicator has to calculate the overall score of business application.
CI Score [apm_app_score] Overall application score calculated by the engine based on the application profile.
Business Application [cmdb_ci_business_app] All business applications.
Business Service Software Model [sn_apm_tpm_service_software_model] Stores the software models (technologies) underlying each business service.
Goal Contribution Target [goal_contribution_target] Goal contribution of a program for the target fiscal year.
Idea Action [apm_idea_action] Actions available for submitting an idea.
Risk Parameter [sn_apm_tpm_risk_parameter] Stores the risk parameters in TPM.
Risk Parameter Score [sn_apm_tpm_risk_param_score] Stores the risk parameter scores for each software model in TPM.

For example, if there are four parameters, then for each software model there are four records stored in the table.

Software Model Risk [sn_apm_tpm_software_model_risk] Stores risk on the software models in TPM.