Create or modify templated snippets for HR

Use Templated Snippets to create pre-defined and reusable responses that can be added to an HR case or any table extending the task table. Creating a template ensures efficiency, accuracy, and consistency when attaching notes to specific types of HR cases.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_hr_core.case_writer
Templated snippets help agents quickly communicate with an employee, reduces entering duplicate information multiple times, and efficiently aids case closure. Repeatable messages help:
  • Resolve cases.
  • Escalate cases.
  • Provide consistent responses to routine inquiries.
The base system provides examples of templates for:
  • Escalation notes for Total Rewards cases
  • Resolution notes for a phone inquiry

The table and conditions selected determine what templated snippets appear for an HR case. From the Form header of the HR Case form, click the Responses button to access a templated snippet. Refer to Work an HR case.


  1. To create or modify a templated snippet, navigate to System Definition > Templated Snippets.
    Name Enter or modify the name of the note template. The name appears as a choice after clicking the Responses button on the HR case form.
    Table Select a table that extends the task table.
    Template body Enter and format the text to comprise the body of the template.

    To insert variables, place your cursor in the desired location and click the variable. Available variables are listed under Fields.

    Select variables A list of variables that can be used in the body of the template. Variables pull information from the selected table to customize the template.
    Condition Add conditions to specify the fields and values that create the filter and based on the table selected.
    Note: After adding conditions, a link with the number of matching records appears. Click the link to see the cases that the template snippet appears.
  2. Click Save to save the record and remain on the Note Template form. Or, click Submit or Update to save the record and return to the Note Templates list.