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Add or modify an HR task

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Add or modify an HR task

You can add, view, or work on HR tasks assigned to HR cases.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_hr_core.basic or sn_hr_core.case_writer

About this task

You can view HR tasks from the parent HR case or by going to HR Case Management > HR Tasks. To create an HR task:


  1. Open an HR case.
  2. Scroll to Related Links and click Add Task.
    Select:Example of HR task selection
    • HR Task: Select to add an HR task.
    • Requested Item: Select to create a requested item task (hardware, software, office supplies)
    • Facilities Request: Select to create a facilities request (desk, office space)
  3. To create an HR Task, complete:
    Table 1. HR task fields
    Field Description
    Number The auto-assigned task ID, which cannot be changed.
    Parent The case number you are creating the task for.
    Location Select the location of the employee you are creating the task for.
    Location determines the HR agent assigned to the task.
    Note: For onboarding cases that task selecting an office or desk, the location determines the building map that shows.
    Template Click and select the HR Task template for this task.

    The HR Task template can auto-populate fields like the HR task type, short description, and the group or person the task is assigned to.

    Due date Select the date the task is to be completed.
    Set reminder Check to send an email notification based on the Due date calculation entries.
    Note: Reminders can also be set up on the HR Task Template to automatically populate. Refer to Configure an HR task template.
    Reminder template Select the email template used for reminder notifications. Email templates are set up from HR Administration > Email Content.

    Refer to Create or modify email content for notifications.

    When to send (days) Enter the number of days before the task due date to send the reminder email.
    Interval (days) Enter the number of days the reminder email should be sent on an interval.

    For example, entering a 5 indicates that the reminder notification is sent every 5 days until the due date is reached.

    HR Task Type When assigning a task to an employee, you can request how the employee acknowledges completion of the task. The tasks appear on the HR Service Portal for the employee.
    Note: The short description comes from the template, but you can add or modify it. It shows on the HR Service Portal.
    • HR Service: The HR Service field appears. Select an HR Service related to the HR task type.
    • Submit Catalog Item: Catalog Item appears when Type is Submit Catalog Item. Notify the user to select equipment or other items for an employee.
    • Submit Order Guide: Order Guide appears when Submit Order Guide is selected. Requests the person assigned to the task to select an order guide. An example is a hiring manager requesting a new employee to select items like hardware and software as part of the onboarding process.
    • Checklist: The Checklist items field appears. Enter checklist items.
    • Credential: The Acknowledgement document field appears. Select a document (PDF Template) that the user acknowledges by entering a password.
    • E-Signature: Send a document (PDF Template) that the user acknowledges by entering an e-signature.
    • URL: The URL field appears. Enter a URL link that the user acknowledges when accessed.
    • Sign Document: Requests the Subject person to edit or sign a document. An example is sending an education agreement to be signed for tuition reimbursement.

      Select a document from the PDF Template and enter a short description.

      Note: After the user signs the document, the document is generated with the signature and attached to the task. The task is closed complete and the document is attached to the case.
    • Mark When Complete: Notify the user a Completed button appears on the HR Service Portal. Use the Short description to provide details about this task.
      Note: Mark When Complete changes the state of the task to Closed Complete.
    • Upload Documents: Requests the person assigned to the task to upload documents. Examples are receipts, course registration, or transcripts for tuition reimbursement. Use the Short description field to provide instructions.
      Note: The task must be in Ready or Work in Progress.
    • View Video: The URL field appears. Requests the person assigned to the task to view a video.
    • Take Survey: The Survey field appears. Select a survey to request the person assigned to the task to take a survey.
    HR Service Only shows when Type is HR Service .

    Select the HR service you want the employee to view or edit on the HR Service Portal.

    An example would be to send an HR service that shows the employee to select a health plan, 401(k) plan, or similar services.

    Note: Bulk Parent Case does not display as a selection because it is only used when creating a parent case for child bulk cases. Refer to Create or modify bulk HR cases.
    Catalog Item Only shows when Type is Submit Catalog Item.

    Select a catalog item from the list you want ordered for the Subject person.

    Order Guide Only shows when Type is Submit Order Guide.

    Select an order guide that can be used to select items for the Subject person.

    Acknowledgement document Only shows when Type is Credential or E-Signature.

    Select the document that is sent to the employee to acknowledge. An example would be a non-disclosure agreement, background check consent, intellectual property statement, and others.

    URL Only shows when Type is URL or View Video.

    Enter a URL address you want the employee to view to complete the assigned task. When entering a URL for a video, it must be embedded.

    PDF Template Only shows when Type is Signed Document.

    Select a document you want the Subject person to sign and return.

    Survey Only shows when Survey is selected for Type. Select a survey for the Subject person to take.
    Survey instance Only shows when Survey is selected for Type.

    Shows the link to the Survey Instance for the user.

    Activity Shows when an employee responds or completes a task and shows task activities by employee and assigned HR agent.
    Optional Check to make the task optional. The Skip button appears for a task in the Open Case page. The Subject person can skip the task or do nothing and the HR agent can close complete the case.
    The work status of the case. The states are:
    • Draft
    • Ready
    • Work in Progress
    • Closed Complete
    • Closed Incomplete
    • Cancelled
    • Awaiting Acceptance
    • Suspended
      Note: Change the state to Ready or Work in Progress for the employee to see the task that you created.
    Assignment group

    The HR group the case is assigned to. If the group is not set automatically, assign an HR group to provide a selection of HR users in the Assigned to field.

    Assignment groups are restricted to those groups with a type of human_resources.
    Note: To change the Assignment group, the Assigned to agent must be a member of the new group.
    Assigned to
    The user assigned to work on this case. If the user is not auto-assigned, click the lookup icon to select a user who is a member of the selected assignment group.
    Note: To change the Assigned to HR agent, the agent must be a member of the Assignment group.

    You can also use this field to assign a task to the Subject person of the case. For example, if you want the Subject person to sign and return a document or make a task optional.

    Task support team
    Skills The required skills of the person assigned to this category of HR case.
    Watch list The list of users who receive notifications regarding this case. Click the lock icon to add users. Click the Add me icon to include yourself.
    Short description Short descriptions populate from the HR task template selected and can be overwritten.

    Enter information that prompts the user about the task request. The short description appears on the HR Service Portal to the employee.

    Description A longer, detailed description of the case.
    Additional comments (Customer visible) Enter comments, updates, or information about the task that is visible to the Subject person on the case.
    Work notes Enter notes about the case to correspond with other HR agents. These notes are not visible to the Subject person.
  4. You can:
    1. Click Save from the Content menu to save the task and remain on the Task form.
    2. Click Submit to save the task and return to the HR Case form.
    3. Click Ready for Work to save the task and change the state to Ready and remain on the Task form.
  5. Perform any of the following actions.
    Assign to me Click
    Close a task Enter information in the Work notes field and other fields as needed, and change the State to Closed Complete.
    Note: All HR tasks must be closed before the parent HR case can be closed.
    Clone task Click the Clone Task related link. Enter the new task information in the task form and click Update.
    Cancel the task Click Cancel Task in the form header.
    Review the progress of sibling tasks The Sibling Tasks tab shows all tasks under the same case. Click a task number to see the details.
    HR Document Acknowledgement Lists HR document acknowledgement types returned from an employee. You can filter by type:
    • User
    • Document revision
    • Signature
    • Updated
    When all tasks are closed for an HR case, an email notification is sent to the HR agent who is assigned to the case.
  6. To add a document attachment, click the attachment icon attachment icon at the top of the form. Attachments to tasks are available on the parent case.
  7. Click Update.