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Create or modify an HR case template

Create or modify an HR case template

With HR Templates you can create and modify templates to automatically populate HR cases with service-related data, streamlining the case submission process. HR case templates are based on system templates, but have a custom UI to reduce complexity.

Before you begin

Roles required: sn_hr_core.admin

About this task

You can access the classic HR Templates by clicking the Switch to Classic UI button. The classic HR templates have more fields and were designed for platform use.


  1. To create or modify an HR template, navigate to HR Administration > HR Services > HR Templates.
    Table 1. HR Case Template form fields
    Field Description
    Name Unique and descriptive name for this template.

    The name referenced from the HR Service Configuration form and how the template is applied to an HR case. When you create an HR Service, the name auto-populates. Refer to Create or modify an HR service.

    Active Check to make template available for use.
    COE The Center of Excellence (COE) the case belongs to. The COE automatically displays and comes from the HR Service form.
    Owning Group Select the group responsible for the case template. Owning Groups are defined in the Manage Owner Groups in the Lifecycle Eventsmodule.

    Refer to Create or modify Lifecycle Events owner groups.

    Short Description

    Enter a short description that appears on the HR case.

    Priority Select the priority assigned to an HR case by default. Priority determines the impact and urgency for HR case completion.
    Assignment type Select the assignment type. Assignment types determine who the HR task is assigned to. Depending on what is selected, additional fields appear to further define who the task is assigned to.
    • Named user: Check and select an Assigned to user.
    • Skills/Assignment group: Check and select the skills and assignment group for the case.

    Select the skills of an HR employee appropriate for this type of case. Skills help determine case assignment.

    Assignment Group

    Select the HR group assigned to the case. Assignment groups manage and resolve the HR case.

    Refer to Manage HR Groups.

    State This field only appears for templates that require a default case status. Click Add field to add this field on the template.

    The default state of the HR case when it is created.

    PDF Template This field only appears for templates that require a document. Click Add field to add this field on the template.

    Select a document or letter for HR cases that request a signature or document acknowledgement.

    Workflow This field only appears for templates that require a workflow. Click Add field to add this field on the template.

    Select the workflow assigned to the HR case by default. Workflows automate multi-step processes.

    See Workflow .

    Assignment Type Select who the task is assigned to:
    • Named user: Check to assign a specific user to the task.
    • Skills/Assignment group: Check to assign the task based on skills and/or a specific group.
    Add field Click to add fields to the HR Case Template.
    Note: You can control what fields are available. Go to sys_properties.list in the Navigation bar. Search for sn_hr_core.template_exclude_fields. To exclude a field, enter the field names separated by commas in the Value field.
  2. Click Save to save your work and remain on the HR Case Template form or click Submit or Update to save the HR case template and return to the HR Templates list.