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Create an onboarding request using the Employee Service Center

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Create an onboarding request using the Employee Service Center

Use the Employee Service Center (HR Service Portal) to request onboarding a new hire. You can also view the progress and status of each child case and task related to onboarding new hires.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_hr_sp.hrsp_employee


  1. From the HR Service Portal, scroll down to the Browse HR Service Catalog section and select Talent Management.
  2. Select Request Onboarding.
  3. Complete the required fields about the employee.
    First name First name of the new hire.
    Middle name Middle name of the new hire.
    Last name Last name of the new hire.
    Personal email Personal email address of new hire. Used to contact new hire prior to start date.
    Mobile number Mobile number of new hire. Can also be used to contact new hire prior to start date.
    Employment start date First day of employment for new hire.
    Employment type Employment classification of new hire.
    Location type Employment location classification of new hire.
    Home city City new hire resides.
    Home state State (if applicable) new hire resides.
    Title Job title of new hire.
    Department Department of new hire.
    Manager Manager of new hire. If manager is not selected, this field defaults to the person making the onboarding request.
    Company location Geographic location of company the new hire is associated with.
    Additional needs Check if new hire requires:
    • Needs work visa
    • Needs to transfer work visa
    • Need relocation assistance
  4. Click Submit.
    The onboarding request triggers the onboarding process as part of a life-cycle event. An email is sent to the new hire with information on accessing the HR Service Portal. New hires are assigned the sn_hr_core.hrsm_hew_hire and sn_hr_sp.hrsp_new_hire roles so they can access the HR Service Portal for onboarding.