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Installed with HR Integrations

Installed with HR Integrations

Several types of components are installed with HR Integrations.

Tables installed with HR Integrations

HR Integrations adds the following tables.

Table Description
HR Integrations Additional Inputs


Table for additional inputs.
Background Check Package


Table for background check packages.
HR Integrations Background Check Staging


Staging table for background checks.
HR Integrations Department Staging


Staging table for departments.
HR Integrations External Interface


Table for HR external interfaces.
HR Integrations Job Profile


Staging table for job profiles.
HR Integrations Job Tracker


Table for job trackers.
Leave Types


Table for leave types.
HR Integrations Location Staging


Staging table for locations.
HR Integrations Outbound Schema Mapping


Table for HR outbound schema mappings.
HR Integrations Outbound Service


Table for HR integration outbound services.
HR Integrations Outbound Service Trigger


Table for outbound service trigger.
HR Integrations Schema Mapping


Table for HR schema mappings.
HR Integrations Service


Table for HR integration services.
HR Integrations Service Job Tracker


Table for service job trackers.
HR Integrations Service Mapping


Table for HR service mappings.
HR Integrations Source


Table for sources.
HR Integrations Source Properties


Table for source properties.
HR Integrations Source Version


Table for source versions.
HR Integrations Staging


Core HR integrations staging table.
Note: All HR integrations staging tables should be an extension of this core table.
HR Integrations Worker Profile


Staging table for worker profiles, effective worker profiles, and future worker profiles.

Roles installed with HR Integrations

HR Integrations adds the following roles.

Role title [name] Description Contains roles
HR integrations administrator


Can access and configure the HR Integrations application.
  • sn_hr_integrations.user
HR integrations user


Can access and read data in the HR Integrations application.
  • None

Script includes installed with HR Integrations

HR Integrations adds the following script includes.

Script include Description

Client scripts installed with HR Integrations

HR Integrations adds the following client scripts.

Client script Table Description
Hide LOA section HR Total Rewards Case


Business rules installed with HR Integrations

HR Integrations adds the following business rules.

Business rule Table Description
Check for Active Version HR Integrations Source Version


Close Background Check Task HR Talent Management Case


Create HR Task for Background Case


Push Background Request to Ext Interface


Push Data Synchronously HR Integrations External Interface


Push Request LOA to External Interface HR Total Rewards Case


Push to Ext Interface on Contact Change HR Profile


Push to Ext Interface on Contact Change User


Push to Ext Interface on Name Change User


Send Notification on Job Complete HR Integrations Job Tracker


Set Import Set Asynchronous HR Integrations Staging


Trigger Outbound Services User


Trigger Outbound Services HR Profile


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