Configuring Employee Service Center

The Employee Service Center (HR Service Portal) is the primary landing page for all employees in the scoped version of HR. Use the native UI to configure, load content, and define the organization and look of the portal.

Watch this seven-minute video to learn about configuring the Employee Service Center for HR.

There are different areas you can configure:
  • HR Content Types: Defines the type of content you want to appear on the HR Service Portal. You can have multiple contents under a content type. For example, the Calendar content type can have multiple calendars.
    Note: The base system provides eight content types.
  • HR Portal Content: Defines the specific content you want to share with your employees. Content includes videos, links to news or articles, announcements, calendars, and the banner.
  • HR Case Header Configuration: You can customize the title row, person row, and detail row on the HR Ticket page. You can:
    • Configure the Ticket page to show specific information to the Assigned to person, but not to the Subject person. An example would be sensitive HR cases like promotions or disciplinary actions.
    • Configure the Ticket page to not show the Assigned to person to the Subject person. For example, when you do not want the Assigned to person to be contacted for questions. For example, for bulk HR cases you want questions to be addressed to a group.
    • Configure the Ticket page to customize the labels for Opened for, Subject person, or Assigned to. You can change these label names when your company uses different terminology than what the base system provides.
  • Org Chart Configuration: You can configure what information appears on the Org Chart expanded card. The expanded card is the flip side that shows details pulled from the HR Profile [sn_hr_core_profile] table.