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HR case and task templates

HR case and task templates

HR case and task templates make case and task creation efficient and consistent. Information that is repeatable or can be captured from a table populate HR cases or tasks automatically to streamline the case submission process.

HR templates are used to automatically populate data into HR cases and tasks that fall under specific HR services and Center of Excellence (COE).

Several HR templates are predefined and come with the base system. You can create custom HR case templates with associated HR tasks. You can modify any HR template.

HR templates are similar to system templates, but have a custom UI that is simple to use. There are two types of HR templates:
  • HR case templates
  • HR task templates

To create and use a template, populate the most-used fields for a specific table, save it as a template, and make it available for use. Manually apply the new template when creating appropriate case and task records. Administrators can define scripts to apply templates automatically.

Refer to Form templates .