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Lifecycle Events Dashboard

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Lifecycle Events Dashboard

The Lifecycle Events dashboard provides visibility to active life-cycle events and onboarding cases.

There are two dashboards available with the Human Resources Scoped App: Lifecycle Events (com.sn_hr_lifecycle_events) plugin:
  • Active Lifecycle Event Cases
  • Active Onboarding Cases

    The following dashboard requires the Performance Analytics - Content Pack - Human Resources Lifecycle Events Scoped App [com.sn_hr_lifecycle_pa] plugin.

  • Onboarding Executive View
Active Lifecycle Event Cases
The Active Lifecycle Event Cases dashboard provides a list of all active life-cycle events or onboarding cases with the subject person, state, assigned to, and opened for information. You drill into each case using this dashboard.
It also provides charts for active and overdue tasks.
Active Onboarding Cases
The Active Onboarding Cases dashboard provides a view into active onboarding cases with the following tabs:
  • Employees that have started
  • Employees starting this week
  • Employees starting next week
  • Employees starting later
It also provides charts for active and overdue onboarding tasks.
Onboarding Executive view
Provides management a review of onboarding new hires and areas in the process that can be improved.
The Overview tab shows a recap of new hire onboarding cases. Data on the number of onboarding cases that have not yet started, in various stages, and overdue activities appear.
The Activity Analysis tab shows bottlenecks in the onboarding process. Details on each activity set per week by fulfiller or employee. The time it takes to close activities and overdue activities by fulfiller and employee also appears.
The New Hire Experience tab shows the results of the new hire survey that helps measure the new hire experience. Information on employees leaving within a year also appears.

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