HR services setup

HR Services are used to configure the process around case creation for the requests, assistance, and support the HR organization provides to employees.

The base system provides basic HR services and the required support data. See Base HR services.

You can set up HR services for:
  • Employee Service Center (HRService Portal)
  • HR agent use only
HR services for the Employee Service Center
The HR catalog represents the HR services that an employee can request from the HR Employee Service Center (HR Service Portal). Components of the HR catalog include:
  • HR catalog item
  • Record Producer
  • HR service
  • HR template
HR services for HR agents
The components to create an HR service for an HR agent to use are:
  • HR template
  • HR services
  • Select or create an HR template for use when an HR case is created when you want the HR service to contain default information. This step is optional.
  • Create or edit an HR Service. Go to HR Services > HR Service Configuration.
  • Create or select a Topic Detail associated with the HR Service.
    • The Topic Detail determines the table a service is created in.
  • Select or create a Record producer when you want the HR service available in the HR catalog. This step is optional. The table of the Record producer must match the COE.
  • Create or select a Lifecycle event type only when the HR service is a Lifecycle Event. This step requires the HR service to span across applications and is optional.
  • Optional: Add HR service options.
  • Optional: Add approvers.
  • Enter a description.
  • Add fulfillment instructions.
  • Add knowledge articles.
  • Optional: Add service table fields.
  • Optional: Add subject person related lists.
  • Optional: Add service activities.