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HR document generation

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HR document generation

There are multiple ways to generate documents in HR Service Delivery.

  • Automatically
  • Multiple signatures are collected.
  • Preview, Sign, or Save


Automatically send a document for HR services to the subject person. For example, a document is sent to an employee that requires a signature or acknowledgement, but is generic in nature and does not require a review. A tuition reimbursement request requires an employee to sign an education expense agreement. This type of document is ideal for auto-generation because it does not require personalization.
  • From the HR Services form, select Automatically Create Draft Document from the Case options field. Refer to Configure an HR service.Case options on HR service form

Multiple signatures are collected

Documents like offer letters can require multiple signatures. When all signatures are collected, the document is automatically generated.

Preview, Sign, or Save

Some documents require an HR agent to review, sign, or save it prior to sending it to a subject person for an HR case. An example is when a subject person requests an employment verification letter. This document requires an HR agent to review it for accuracy, sign it, and send it to the requested email address.
  • Open a case requiring a document to be sent to the subject person.
  • Ensure that the state is Work in Progress.
  • The Form Header shows:Form header buttons
  • Click Preview Document to view the document.
  • Click Sign Document for documents that require an HR signature.
    Note: By default, the document is available for the subject person to view once you preview it. Change this behavior by changing the State field on the HR task template. Refer to Configure an HR task template. You can access the task template from the HR Case form by selecting the HR service > Service Activities > Child task template.

Change values

When there are errors in the document:
  • Check the table the incorrect information is pulled from. For example, check the HR profile [hr_profile] when contact information for the user is incorrect.
  • Check the HR case to ensure correct case information.
  • Check the document template for errors within the body of the document, incorrect field mapping, or variable information.