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Configure Workday integration properties in legacy HR

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Configure Workday integration properties in legacy HR

After you set up the system user accounts in Workday, configure the integration properties on your instance, in the non-scoped version of HR.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Navigate to Integration-Workday > Workday Properties.
  2. Set the configuration options.
    Table 1. Workday integration properties
    Properties Description
    Auto create system users for imported employees Select this option to create new user records in the User [sys_user] table when Workday users are not found in the instance's user records.
    Push HR profile changes to Workday. Select this option to push changes made to contact information in the HR profile to update associated records in Workday.
    Auto update the contact information and name change by turning off the Workday business process. Select this option to allow the HR profile updates to skip the Workday business process and directly update the Workday record.
    Enable the debug log Select this option to print information to the system log.
    If checked then the transform will run without any data being persisted Select this option to run an import set transform before user data is written to the hr_profile table. You can view the results of the transform. When you are certain that the data import from Workday is correct, clear this option so the HR tables can be updated.
    Workday Endpoint URL Enter the Workday web service URL. Include v21.1 in the wsdl portion of the URL. For example:


    If you do not know your endpoint URL, contact Workday, or, if you have access to the Workday community, see their Getting Started documentation for more information (requires login).

    Workday Integration Outbound User username Enter the outbound integration user name you configured in Workday. Include @[tenant_name] after the user name.
    Workday outbound password Enter the corresponding password for the outbound Workday user.
    Workday Integration Inbound User username Enter the inbound integration user name you configured in Workday. Include @[tenant_name] after the user name.
    Workday inbound password Enter the corresponding password for the inbound Workday user.
    Date since last successful run Enter the start date from which you want new user data to be transferred. The system transfers user records from Workday that were updated on this date or later. Leave this field blank to update all user data regardless of when the data was updated.
    Number of days to look ahead for getting on-boarding and off-boarding events Enter the number of days that the application looks ahead for an upcoming event in Workday to determine when to create or modify an HR profile record. The default is 28 days.

    For example, if you create a record in Workday today for an employee coming starting in 30 days, and you keep the default setting of 28 days, the user and HR profile records are created in two days, and are automatically set to Active when the employee comes on board.

  3. Click Save.