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HR case SLAs in legacy HR

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HR case SLAs in legacy HR

HR service level agreements, or SLAs, let you track the progress of HR cases, in the non-scoped version of HR. SLAs are used to ensure that an HR case or task is resolved within a certain amount of time.

An SLA is a record that defines a set amount of time for a task to reach a certain condition. For example, a benefits inquiry should be resolved within a few business days, and an onboarding case should be resolved within two weeks. If the case or task does not reach the condition by the set amount of time, it is marked Breached.

SLAs are defined in Service Level Management > SLA > SLA Definitions. The following HR SLAs are predefined.

Table 1. HR SLAs
SLA Assigned to
HR Case SLA - 4hours HR cases in the Case Management category that are not entered for a VIP.
HR VIP Case SLA - 2Hours HR cases entered for a VIP.
HR Change SLA - 2days HR cases in the Employee Change category that are not entered for a VIP. For example, onboarding and offboarding cases are assigned this SLA.

One of these SLAs is automatically assigned to each opened case. An administrator can modify these SLAs or create new SLAs for HR cases.

Whenever a case is entered, an SLA record is created to track the case duration. You can view the SLA progress and status for cases in any of the following modules for the Human Resources application.
Table 2. Modules to view HR SLAs
HR Module Description
Manager Dashboard Displays the HR Case SLAs by Elapsed Time Percentage report, which shows the aging of active HR case SLAs.
Performance Analytics Displays the Active HR Cases SLA Indicator per Week- By AVG chart, which shows the average number of cases that were in each aging bucket, from the past four weeks.
Case Management > Case SLAs Displays a list of all HR cases with their SLAs.
Reports Lists the HR Case SLAs by Assigned and HR Case SLAs by Elapsed time percentage HR reports, which you can run to view SLA information.

The SLA elapsed time is recalculated via scheduled jobs on the Schedule Item [sys_trigger] table. The scheduled job runs based on when the SLA is breached.

Table 3. SLA scheduled jobs
Name Description
SLA update (already breached) Repeats every day.
SLA update (breach after 30 days) Repeats every 5 days.
SLA update (breach within 1 day) Repeats every hour.
SLA update (breach within 1 hour) Repeats every 10 minutes.
SLA update (breach within 10 min) Repeats every 1 minute.
SLA update (breach within 30 days) Repeats every day.

View the SLA of an HR case in legacy HR

You can view the SLA record that is created when an HR case is open.

Before you begin

Role required: hr_admin or hr_manager


  1. Navigate to HR • Case Management > Case Management > Case SLAs.
    You can click the HR case number in the Task column to open the case, or click the SLA definition value to view the SLA conditions.
  2. To open the SLA record for a case, click the value in the Stage column.
    Figure 1. SLA record

    The record includes the actual and business elapsed times and the time left before the SLA is breached. The business elapsed times and time left considers the schedule. In the record example displayed in the figure above, the SLA started at 4:30 PM and the time was paused from 5:00 PM to 8:00 AM.

  3. When you are viewing the SLA record, you can perform any of the following actions.
    • To update the SLA percentage and elapsed time values, click Refresh.
    • To recreate and recalculate the SLA record, click Repair.
    • To view the SLA in a graph, click the Show SLA Timeline related link.