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Create a walkthrough

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Create a walkthrough

After defining a control, audit managers create walk throughs that will be conducted to observe and provide documented evidence of whether the associated control is operating correctly.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_audit.admin and sn_audit.manager


  1. Navigate to Audit > Engagements > All Engagements.
  2. Open the engagement for the audit task you want to create.
    Assign audit tasks to engagement in one of the following states:
    • Validate
    • Fieldwork
    • Awaiting approval
  3. In the Audit Tasks Related List, click New.
  4. In the Audit Tasks Interceptor, click Walkthrough.
  5. Fill in the fields on the form, as appropriate.
    Table 1. Walkthrough form
    Field Description
    Number Read-only field that is automatically populated with a unique identification number.
    • Open
    • Work in Progress
    • Review
    • Closed Complete
    • Closed Incomplete
    • Closed Skipped
    Parent The parent audit task.
    Assigned to The user assigned to this walkthrough.
    Short description A brief and general description of the walkthrough.
    Description A more detailed explanation of the walkthrough.
    Planned start date The intended date the walkthrough should begin.
    Planned end date The intended date the walkthrough should end.
    Planned duration The expected duration of this walkthrough. As with actual duration, the planned duration shows total activity time and takes the walkthrough schedule into consideration.
    Actual start date The date that this walkthrough actually began.
    Actual end date The date that this walkthrough actually ended.
    Actual duration The actual duration of the walkthrough from walkthrough start to walkthrough end.
    Primary Contact The user to contact for this walkthrough.
    Other Contacts Other users to contact for this walkthrough, if the primary contact is unavailable.
    Execution Steps Detail the activities to be performed during the walkthrough.
    Explanation Intended purpose of the walkthrough.
    Additional Information Additional information the user conducting the walkthrough needs to be aware of.
    Results Details of what transpired during the walkthrough.
    Additional comments Customer-viewable comments.
    Work notes Comments that are viewable by the audit manager and audit manager.
  6. Click Submit.