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Modify or delete time worked entries

Modify or delete time worked entries

Agents can modify and delete existing time worked entries and create new entries after a time sheet has been approved.

Before you begin

Role required: wm_agent

About this task

An agent can add, modify, or delete time worked entries for an approved time sheet. Adding, modifying, or deleting these entries creates new time cards or updates existing time cards and generates an updated time sheet.
Note: Do not manually edit time cards. Instead, edit the original time worked entries, which generates updated time cards and time sheets.


  1. To modify or delete a time worked entry:
    • Navigate to the desired work order task, click the Time Worked related list, and click the desired entry.
    • Navigate to Time Sheets > My Time Worked and click the desired entry.
  2. To modify the entry, make changes to the desired fields and click Update.
  3. To delete the entry, click Delete.