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Cancel an appointment from the portal

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Cancel an appointment from the portal

Cancel a service appointment from either the Customer or the Consumer Service Portal.

Before you begin

Role required:

About this task

An appointment cannot be cancelled if the current time is within the cancellation time window specified in the service configuration. If within this cancellation time window, the Cancel button does not appear in the Appointment field on the work order.
Note: Cancelling an appointment also cancels the associated work order and work order tasks.


  1. In the portal header, click Support > Appointments to display the Appointment Listing page.
  2. Click Upcoming to view a list of upcoming appointments.
  3. Select the appointment to reschedule.
    This opens the work order for the selected appointment.
  4. Below the Appointment field, click Cancel.
    The system displays a warning that the appointment and the associated work order will be cancelled.
  5. Click Continue to cancel the work order.
    The appointment and work order are cancelled. The Appointment field no longer appears on the work order form and the customer should receive a confirmation email regarding the cancellation.

    Information about the cancelled appointment is noted in the Activities field on the work order. This information includes the original appointment window, an appointment cancellation message, and the user who made the change.