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Field service manager team calendar

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Field service manager team calendar

Field service managers can use the team calendar to view a list of agents in their assignment groups and the work order tasks and events that are assigned to the agents.

Navigate to Field Service > Manager > Team Calendar to view the calendar.

The calendar displays information for a single day or a week. In the week view, the current day is highlighted in blue. Use buttons in the calendar header to switch views as well as go backward or forward in time. Use the calendar icon to select a specific date or date range or click Today to select the current date.

The team calendar displays work order tasks assigned to each agent and other events, such as cases, incidents, and personal time-off. Each type of event is displayed on the calendar using a different color. To use the team calendar:
  • Click the schedule configuration icon in the calendar header to select the types of events displayed in the calendar.
  • Click an event in the calendar to display overview information in a pop-up window.
  • Double-click an event in the calendar to open the event record or click Open in the pop-up window.
  • Update an event from the event record.