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Manage Field Service and Customer Service skills

Manage Field Service and Customer Service skills

Field Service and Customer Service managers can create or edit skills, assign skills to agents, and view agents with a specific skill.

Users with the wm_manager role (Field Service Management) or sn_customerservice_manager (Customer Service Management) can manage agent skills.

Navigate to Field Service > Manager > Manage Skills or Customer Service > Manage Skills to access the Manage Skills form. This form displays a list of the available skills and the agents in the manager's assignment groups.

Each skill in the All Skills list on the left side of the screen includes the skill name and the number of users who are assigned that skill. Each user in the user section on the right side of the screen is represented by a tile that includes the user's name, assignment group, address, and a list of the skills currently assigned.

From this form, managers can:
  • Create new skills by clicking New Skill and adding the skill name and description.
  • Edit existing skills by clicking the pencil icon to the left of the skill name.
  • View all agents by clicking All Users.
  • View the agents who are assigned a specific skill by clicking the skill name.
  • Assign a skill to an agent using the following methods:
    • Click a skill in the skills list and then click Assign/Remove Users. To add a skill, click the desired user. The tile for the selected user turns blue. To remove a skill, click a user who has the skill already assigned. If the skill is assigned, the user's tile is blue.
    • In the user's tile, click the down arrow on the Skills button. Assign multiple skills to a single user by checking the boxes for the desired skills.

There are two default skills: Field Service Skill and Customer Service Skill. These are parent skills; other skills created by the manager are stored under these parent skills.

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