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Field Service Management mobile interface

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Field Service Management mobile interface

Use the enhanced agent map and dispatcher map on the mobile user interface.

Several enhancements improve the Field Service Management experience with the mobile user interface. In addition to push notifications for task assignment, enhancements include upgrades to the agent map, the dispatch map, and the agent and manager calendars.

For the dispatch map, users access My Dispatch Map in the desktop interface and Dispatcher Map in the mobile interface. The functionality of these two modules is the same.
  • The map centers on the position defined in the user profile.
  • Users can turn on and off the Dispatcher Map legend.
  • The system stores map filter preferences in the wm_dispatcher_map_filter table.
  • The Apply button replaces the Search button.
  • If there are more than 99 agents or tasks, 99+ appears in the icon labels.
For the agent map:
  • The Assigned to me module replaces the WO tasks assigned to me module.
  • The Apply button replaces the Search button.
  • The Search button replaces the Save button.

Manager calendar and agent calendar functionality are also available with the mobile user interface. Agents can create and edit personal events and view tasks. Managers can query for team events such as cases, tasks, and personal time-off. Managers can also create and update time-off events for team members.