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Contact self-registration

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Contact self-registration

The self-registration feature enables new customer contacts to submit registration requests from the customer portal.

Once the request is submitted, it goes through an approval process and is either accepted or rejected. If accepted, a user account is created and the contact receives an email with a user ID and a temporary password. When logging in to the portal for the first time, the contact is asked to change the temporary password. If rejected, the contact receives an email with this information.

A customer contact can submit a registration request with or without a registration code:
  • If a request is submitted with a valid registration code, the contact’s account information is automatically detected and added to the contact record. The request is then sent to the customer administrator of that account for approval. If an account has multiple customer administrators, they all receive the registration request but only one is required to approve it. After a request has been approved, the state of the request changes to No Longer Required for the other customer administrators.
  • If a request is submitted without a registration code or if the code is incorrect, the request is sent to the system administrator, who fills in the account information. Once this information is filled in, the request is sent to the customer administrator of that account for approval.
The system administrator creates a unique registration code for each account and stores it in the Registration Code field on the Account form. Once this code is created, customer administrators can distribute the code to customers as needed.