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Customer Service Portal

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Customer Service Portal

The Customer Service Portal is a web interface that is based on the ServiceNow Service Portal application.

Use the Customer Service Portal to provide information and support to your customers.
Note: A version of the portal based on the ServiceNow Content Management System is also available.
Figure 1. Customer Service Portal
Customer Service Portal based on the Service Portal application

The Customer Service Portal includes much of the same functionality available on the CMS version of the customer portal and adds several features.

The Customer Service Portal header includes the Notification link.
  • Click this link to list the items that require action in a dropdown menu. These items can include cases awaiting additional information, resolved cases awaiting customer response, portal registration requests, and unread publications.
  • Click an item in the list to display the information for that particular item. For example, clicking a registration request displays the Approval form.
  • Click View all notifications to display the Notification page, which lists the items that require action by category.

The Customer Service Portal header includes the Live Chat link which customers can click to open a chat window.

Registration requests appear under the Notification link.

Access profile information for the currently logged in user by clicking the user name and selecting Profile.

Log out by clicking the user name and selecting Logout.

Customizing the Customer Service Portal

To customize this portal, navigate to Service Portal > Portals and click Customer Service Portal. See Service Portal for more information about creating a custom interface.