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Modify SEO in community pages

Modify SEO in community pages

If an auto-generated SEO meta tag does not meet your needs, you can modify or replace the tag.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_communities.admin

About this task

The source code for this example question page (ID community_question) shows the description meta tag (highlighted in yellow) that the Communities application injected into the page.

Question content type
  • The description meta tag text is made up of three data fields that are taken from the communitiy_question record. In the tag, the values are separated by a hyphen character.
    • The first portion of the description meta tag is the value of the forum name field in the question record. In the example, the forum name is Routing and Switching.
    • The second portion of the tag is the value of the topic field in the record — Tomahawk (5000 Series) in the example.
    • The third portion of the tag is generated from the first 100 characters of the body field in the record — My 5000 series router has been overheating since I upgraded the firware couple of days ago. Anybody.
In addition to the description meta tag for a question page, the Communities application injects a title tag (highlighted in blue). The title is generated dynamically using two values from the communitiy_question record:
  • Forum name (Routing and Switching in the example)
  • Short description (Router overheating after firmware upgrade in the example)


  1. Navigate to Service Portal > Pages.
  2. In the list of portal pages, click the ID of the page to update (in the example, community_question).
  3. On the Page form:
    • Modify or add meta tags in the Meta tags related list.
    • Modify the Dynamic page title by modifying the structure of the title text or by modifying or replacing the variables that generate the text. The variable definitions appear in the Dynamic page title variables related list.

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