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Levels and level ranges

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Levels and level ranges

Points accumulated by community users can help them achieve different reputation levels.

The system is pre-configured with levels where community users can earn points and achieve expertise or a reputation:
  • Global: overall points accumulated across the entire community
  • Forum: points accumulated in forums associated with the activity
  • Topic: points accumulated in topics associated with the activity

Gamification administrators can configure level ranges within each level. These level ranges progress from a starting point value to a higher value (point ranges do not overlap) and have unique, configurable names. For example, in the Global level, a user that has earned 100–499 points is a Newbie while a user that has earned 500–999 points is an Enthusiast.

Figure 1. Gamification Level Definition form
Gamification level definition form
In the community portal, users can see level range names and point totals in the gamification user interface components.
  • On the leaderboard page and leaderboard widgets
  • At the top of a user's profile below the user name and title
  • On the user profile page in the Achievements tab
  • On content pages