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Navigating the forum homepage

Log in to subscribe to topics and get notified when content changes.

Navigating the forum homepage

While in a forum, you can navigate the forum homepage and perform tasks, such as posting content.

Forum homepage
Table 1. Forum homepage
No. UI component Description
1 Forum name and description Displays the name and description of the forum. Click Show more to read more of the description.
2 Subscribe Subscribe to content in the community.
3 Post Post content in the community. The content types displayed depend on the permissions you have been assigned within a forum.

4 Have a question? Click here to start typing Contribute to the community by posting a question.
5 Question filter Filter by question to view solved, unsolved, and unreplied questions.
6 Content List View content posted in the community. You can filter according to content type and most recent or popular.
7 Announcements View forum-specific announcements.
8 Sub Forums Displays the subforums. The Sub Forums widget is only visible if the forum contains subforums.
9 Topics Click a topic to navigate to a particular topic.
10 Leaderboard View the leaderboard to find community experts for the forum.
11 Featured Content Displays the top three posts according to number of views.