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Pulls and pushes

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Pulls and pushes

Developers synchronize their instances to the parent instance by pulling and pushing versions of customized records and resolving collisions between versions on the parent instance and the development instance.

Developers can compare peer instances to one another and share code or resolve collisions before pushing versions to the parent instance.

Pulling from the parent retrieves versions of records that have customer updates. Pulling retrieves all versions that have not already been pulled onto the development instance, including historical versions, and you cannot choose which versions to pull. You must resolve any collisions before proceeding with further pulls or pushes.

Pushing to the parent adds only the current development version to the parent, not all the development versions. You can choose which changes to push to the parent. Pushing creates a local Update Set on the parent that is marked as complete. Pushed versions are also tracked as local changes on the parent. Therefore, you can promote changes through your development and test hierarchy by transferring the Update Set or by pushing the local changes.

Comparing reports the differences between two peer instances. You can choose which versions to pull from a peer instance.

The Pushes and Pulls related list on the team dashboard displays the user who created a change and the remote instance where the change was created.