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Re-run failed tests in an automated test suite

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Re-run failed tests in an automated test suite

Re-run failed tests within a test suite without rerunning the entire suite.

Before you begin

Role required: admin, atf_test_admin or atf_test_designer.

About this task

The Re-run failed tests button appears on the suite result form and on the suite execution progress viewer after a suite with failed tests completes. It does not appear if test execution is disabled, the suite is deactivated, the suite passed, or the user does not have one of the required roles.

Re-run failed tests button actually re-runs all non-passing tests. These include canceled, skipped, failure, error tests, and suite results.


  1. Navigate to either the suite result form or suite execution progress viewer for the completed suite that had failed tests.
  2. Click Re-run failed tests.
  3. If the re-run tests include a form step (any step involving a UI), or other kinds of UI test steps, the Pick a Browser dialog appears before executing the tests. Use it to choose among any currently-running test clients, or start a new runner. For more information, review Browser recommendations for all tests and suites.
    If the re-run tests include only sserver test steps, the system executes the tests without displaying the Pick a Browser dialog.


The system re-runs the failed tests:
  • The system creates a new suite result hierarchy for the re-run tests. The progress workers, test result, and test suite result records show the same suite hierarchy as the previous test suite. They do not include the tests or suites that passed in a previous run.
  • If you delete or deactivate a child suite or test that failed, and then re-run it, the system does not execute that suite or test in the re-run.
  • If you add a child suite or test to the suite to a failed test, and then re-run it, the system does not execute the added suite or test in the re-run.

What to do next

To view the results from the previous run of a test or suite, click Previous test result on the test result form or Previous suite result on the test suite result form. These fields only appear for tests and suites that have been re-run.