Automated Test Framework Scheduled Client Test Runner module

Open a browser window for running scheduled client-side automated tests.

For information about scheduling automated tests, see Schedule automated test suite and Working with scheduled test suites. You can toggle a client test runner to act as either a manual or scheduled client test runner.
Table 1. Fields on the Client Runner Test window
Field / UI Element Description
Form preferences icon () Click to display the form preferences panel.
Form preferences panel: Screenshots mode Choose among:
  • Enable for all steps
  • Enable for failed steps
  • Disable for all steps
For additional information, see Set the system property to control when the Automated Test Framework captures screenshots.
Form preferences panel: Run scheduled tests only Click to toggle between:
  • On (green): use this client test runner to run only scheduled tests and suites
  • Off (gray): use this client test runner to run only manually-started tests and suites.