Automatically generate payload using identification simulation

Use identification simulation to automatically construct an input payload for a specified class. The constructed payload is complete with any required dependent CIs, correctly structured, and syntactically valid for processing by the identification engine.

Before you begin

Role required: itil

About this task

The payload that is constructed during identification simulation is for the specified class. For a dependent CI class, you will be prompted for information about all dependencies. After you provide the required details, identification simulation constructs the payload based on your input.


  1. Navigate to Configuration > Identification Simulation.
  2. In the Start with CI Class box click Start.
  3. On the Payload Information form, in the Source field, select the data source that is associated with this class update.
    For the ServiceNow Discovery data source, select ServiceNow.
  4. Select the Class in the payload.
    1. In the Criterion Attributes area select the CI identifier attributes and then specify the values that uniquely identify a CI.
    2. In the Additional Attributes area specify attributes and values that matching CIs will be updated with.
  5. For dependent CIs associated with dependent identification rules, fill out the Criterion Attributes and Additional Attributes sections in all Container level sections that display.
  6. Click Generate. If any errors indicate that there are missing fields, fill in the missing fields and then click Generate again.
  7. You can optionally click Execute to simulate processing of the payload by the identification engine.

What to do next

Examine the results of the simulation, fine-tune the payload as needed, and combine with other payloads for other classes as desired. After finalizing the payload, use the createOrUpdateCI() API to execute the payload by the identification engine which will result in actual updates to the CMDB.