CI Lifecycle Management API - GET /now/cilifecyclemgmt/statuses/{sys_id}

Returns the CI's operational state.

URL format

Versioned URL: api/now/v1/cilifecyclemgmt/statuses/{sys_id}

Default URL: api/now/cilifecyclemgmt/statuses/{sys_id}

Supported request parameters

Table 1. Parameters
Parameter Description
sys_id The sys_id of the CI


The following request and response headers apply to this HTTP action only, or apply to this action in a distinct way. For a list of general headers used in the REST API, see Supported REST API headers.

Table 2. Request headers
Header Description
Table 3. Response headers
Header Description

Status codes

The following status codes apply to this HTTP action. For a list of possible status codes used in the REST API, seeREST response codes.

Table 4. Status codes
Status code Description
200 Indicates the request completed successfully.

Response payload

A JSON formatted string with name-value pairs for
  • operationalStates - one of the string choice values of the operational_status field, or UNKNOWN.
  • errors - list of errors.