Submit a time card

As a time card user, once a time card for the week is updated with the time worked, you can submit the time card individually.

Before you begin

Role required: timecard_user

A time card in Pending or Rejected state can be submitted.

About this task

When a user submits a time card, the time sheet policy which is assigned to the user is used for validation. If there is no time sheet policy assigned to the user, the default time sheet policy is used. Business rules prevent a user from submitting a time card in case any violation is found.


  1. Navigate to:
    • Time Sheets > My Time Cards > All
    • Time cards related list in a time sheet.
    Note: You can select multiple time cards to submit.
  2. Open the time card to submit from the list.
  3. Add comments, if required.
  4. Click Submit Time Card.


  • The time card moves to the Submitted state.
  • The time card is submitted to an approver based on the values set in Project time approver and Non-project time approver in the time sheet policy assigned to the user.
    Note: If the project/user manager is changed after submitting the time card, then the time card is automatically redirected to the new project/user manager for approval.