Create a probe activity

Create an activity that runs a probe on the target host that is configured to return specific information..

Before you begin

Role required: activity_creator or workflow_admin

About this task

For instructions on using the activity template process flow, see create custom activities.


  1. Create a custom activity.
    This action creates a custom activity using a template.
  2. After setting up general properties and creating input variables, configure the Probe Execution Command:
    Map the input variables Use the variables you created to configure the command that Orchestration executes.
    Probe Probe to run with this activity, from the list of probes in the system
    Target host Host name or IP address of the target server for this activity.
    Parameters MID Server to use, by capabilities.
    Required MID Server capabilities Name-value pairs to pass to the host with this probe. You can create these parameters manually, or drag and drop input variables into the parameter fields and assign a value.
    Note: You can map parameter values in a test payload to variables in the Outputs tab automatically. See automap output variables.

What to do next