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Email image filtering properties

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Email image filtering properties

Use email image filtering properties to control how inbound email images attach to a target record.

When a user sends a reply email to a record notification, email images (such as logos or email signatures) attach to the record by default. These images are also visible in the activity stream of the target record. The system then replicates these images, which can cause duplicate image attachments to the target record and also duplicate images in the activity stream.

To filter images from emails and reduce duplicate image attachments to target records, configure the following properties in the System Properties [sys_properties] table. Use these properties to:
  • Specify the email image sizes eligible for filtering.
  • Choose an action that controls image attachment behavior and image visibility in the activity stream.
Note: These properties do not delete attachments. You can verify attachment records in the Attachments [sys_attachment] table.
Table 1. Email image filtering properties
Name Description Sets the minimum image size in bytes of inbound email images that can be filtered. Any image that is below this size limit does not attach to the target record.
  • Type: Integer
  • Default value: 0 (no filtering) Specifies the image filtering behavior.
Note: Regardless of the action you select, the image is visible when you choose to Preview HTML Email or Show Email Details in the activity formatter.
  • Type: Choice list
    • AttachTarget - Associate the image to the target record. The image is visible in the activity formatter and in the attachment to the target record.
    • AttachEmail - Attach the image to the email record. The image is not visible in the activity formatter of the target record nor in the attachment to the target record.
    • AttachNone - Do not attach the image to a record. You can select this option to attach the image manually at a later time.
  • Default value: AttachTarget