Manually upgrade an Edge Encryption proxy server running on Linux

Update a proxy running on Linux.

  1. Copy the Edge Encryption update-archive file to the installation directory.
  2. Change to the installation directory.
  3. Run the following command:
    java -jar edgeencryption-dist-<version> -m dist-upgrade -c <proxy directory>
    Option Description
    proxy directory The directory in the installation directory where the proxy was initially installed. This directory is created by the install.

    If you want to see the help screen, execute this command without arguments: java -jar edgeencryption-dist-<version>

    A new proxy directory is created with a current timestamp and the old proxy directory is maintained as a backup. The old proxy shuts down and the new proxy starts up. Any open connections/transactions on the old proxy server are terminated.
  4. Check the proxy log in the new directory and the instance to verify that the new proxy is running.