Add your contacts

You can add your contacts, picture, or biography to your HR profile.

  1. Navigate to Self-Service > HR Service Portal.
  2. Click your picture in the My Profile category or the top, right corner of the page and click Profile.
  3. Click Add new contact under the My Contacts category.
  4. Enter the contact name, telephone numbers, and other information.
  5. To specify the person as an emergency contact, check the Emergency contact box.
    The Priority field appears.
  6. Select the priority of the contact, Primary, or Alternate.
  7. ClickUpload Pictureto browse to a photo file to add to your profile.
  8. Click Create new contactto add to your My Contacts.
  9. Click Upload Picture to browse and select a profile picture.
  10. Click Bio and enter a short biographical description.
  11. Click Save.