HR Choice List Mapping

Before migrating data, your choice lists must be mapped correctly. Choice lists let you select from a pre-defined set of choices.

About this task

Choice lists are associated with a column. By default, all base-system choice lists from the global version of HR should map correctly to the choice lists in the scoped version. .

Use the Choice List MappingHR Choice List Mappings list to verify or map the value and name of a choice list in the global version of HR to the scoped version of HR.

Note: To view, map, or change the value and name of a choice list, use Column Mapping as a starting point. Column Mapping shows a column and all names and values of a choice list. HR Choice List Mappings shows one name and value of a choice list. Refer to HR Column Mapping.


  1. Navigate to HR Migration > Data Mapping > Choice List Mapping.
  2. Click New or edit an existing column by clicking on the associated Global table name. By default, because choice lists depend on columns, the HR Choice List Mappings list appears by column.
    Active Select to activate the choice list mapping record. When not selected, HR Migration skips this choice list.
    Global choice name Enter the name of the global choice list to be migrated.
    Global choice value Enter one of the values of the global choice list to be migrated. The value is what appears in the choice list.
    Note: Choice lists have multiple values for a column, but you can only view one value per table and column. Sort the HR Choice List Mappings list by Global column name to see all values. For the account_type column under the hr_bank_account table, the values are:
    • Other
    • Checking
    • Savings
    Scoped choice name Enter the name of the scoped choice list you want the global choice list migrated to.
    Scoped choice value Enter the scoped choice list value.
    You can change the value when migrating. For example, previously you had the following for marital status:
    • Married
    • Single
    • Divorced
    • Separated
    After migration, you want:
    • Married
    • Single
    Use this field to map Divorced and Separated to Single.
    Migration column Select the column the choice list is mapped to.
  3. Right-click the form header and select Save to save your data and remain on the HR Choice List Mapping form or click Update to return to the HR Choice List Mappings list.