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Create a facility request from the floor plan

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Create a facility request from the floor plan

All users in your organization can create any facility requests that your facilities admin [facilities_admin] has enabled on the floor plan view.

Before you begin

Role required: none


  1. Perform one of the following options.
    To search for a space location Find a space on the floor plan.
    If you know the space location Click the space on the floor plan.
  2. On the Spaces tab, under the room information details and Related Links section, click Create Facilities Request.
    Note: You can also right-click the space link and select Create Facilities Request.
    Example of Create Facilities Request form
    Table 1. Facilities request form
    Field Description
    Location The specific location from the floor plan.
    Short Description Enter a short description summarizing the facilities request. You can overwrite the default description.
    Detailed Description Enter a detailed description of the facilities request.
    Requested buy The user name of the person making the request appears.
    Additional comments Add additional comments if necessary.
  3. Click Submit and the Floor Plan form appears.