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Workflow release notes

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Workflow release notes

ServiceNow® Workflow feature enhancements and updates in the Jakarta release.

Jakarta upgrade information

The table cleaner for workflow context records is enabled by default. In previous releases, the default setting was disabled to improve performance, which is unnecessary in this release. If you prefer the table cleaner to not run, you can disable it manually.

Changed in this release

  • Workflow Welcome page : The Workflow Welcome page lists the published and checked-out workflows as well as links to further help. In this release, it does not include an RSS feed or embedded video.

    If you customized the workflow welcome page before upgrading, the system continues to display your customized version. You can update the workflow welcome page to the Jakarta version by editing the UI page record .

  • Workflow stages column with List v3: In the "workflow stage" column of a v3 list, Tab navigates to the next column, Shift + Tab to the previous column, and Enter displays the choice list. This behavior is consistent with the behavior for other columns in List v3.
  • Workflow conditions property : The If condition matches field of the Workflow Version record has a new option, Run if no other workflows matched. This option replaces the deprecated option, Run if no other workflows matched yet (deprecated). Workflows previously using Run if no other workflows matched yet are automatically updated to Run if no other workflows matched yet (deprecated) and retain their original behavior. The new set of options is designed to make it clearer what each option does.

Removed in this release

  • RSS feed and embedded video on Welcome page: The workflow Welcome page does not include an RSS feed or embedded video.
  • SOAP and REST Message activities deprecated: SOAP and REST activities are deprecated. They are still available on instances upgraded from a previous release but are not available for new instances. New workflows should use the Orchestration application instead.

    For instances in which this activity is still available, existing workflows using it continue to work as designed. To edit this activity in an existing workflow, you may need to re-activate the activity.

Activation information

Platform feature – active by default.