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Configuration Management Database (CMDB) release notes

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Configuration Management Database (CMDB) release notes

ServiceNow® Configuration Management Database (CMDB) product enhancements and updates in the Jakarta release.

With the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB) application, you can build logical representations of assets, services, and the relationships between them that comprise the infrastructure of your organization. Details about these components are stored in the configuration management database (CMDB) which you can use to monitor the infrastructure, helping ensure integrity, stability, and continuous service operation.

Jakarta upgrade information

CMDB content undergoes table per partition table flattening during upgrade. This change does not have a performance impact and is transparent to users. Customers with a large CMDB table may experience a longer upgrade duration. See KB0635006.

New in the Jakarta release

CMDB benchmarks
Several CMDB Health related benchmarks are calculated and display in the Benchmark dashboard. Use these benchmarks to compare the quality of the CMDB in your organization with other ServiceNow CMDBs in the industry, and take actions if necessary.

Changed in this release

  • Identification and Reconciliation
    • Identification simulation: A central location for automatically constructing a payload that is guaranteed to be complete and valid. You can then simulate the processing of that payload by the identification engine to test the results before actually submitting it for execution by the identification engine.
    • Identification engine logging: To help troubleshoot identification engine errors, debugging experience of the identification engine has been enhanced. Identification engine logging is integrated with Event Management and Discovery, so when identification errors are encountered, direct URLs to log details can be provided. URLs link to a user-friendly display of logging details generated by the identification engine and the service cache, grouped by Context IDs and run times. All logging is in the context of a specific payload and a specific run of the identification engine, and can be filtered by specific data source and specific time range.
    • Data source refreshness rules are now used to determine if a CI is stale per specific data source.
    • Identification and Reconciliation application to Import Sets. The CMDBTransformUtil API supports a data set with a mapping to reference fields in the CMDB. The CMDBTransformUtil API also supports source scripts in imported data sets.
  • CMDB Health:
    • Health inclusion rule and identification inclusion lists lets you filter and otherwise control the list of CIs that are included in the identification process.
    • CMDB Health dashboard supports health monitoring and aggregation for CMDB health groups. You can configure a separate set of scorecards thresholds for each CMDB group, per KPI or metric.
    • Relationship health in the CMDB dashboard provides the following reports:
      • Relations not compliant with suggested relations
      • Relations not compliant with containment rules
      • Relations not compliant with hosting rules
    • CI staleness rules are no longer shared with CI staleness identification by Identification and Reconciliation.
    • The property has been removed. Instead, a default staleness rule for the cmdb_ci class is included in the base system. See CMDB health KPIs and metrics for more details.
    • The audit health metric supports scripted audits. See Prepare a scripted audit for the compliance KPI for more information.
    • If an audit health test is associated with multiple remediation tasks, then the Task field on the CMDB Health Results form contains one of the tasks, and the Additional Tasks field contains the rest of the tasks.
    • Relationship conditions in an orphan rule have been enhanced. You can now specify that for a CI to be considered orphan, the CI either has no relationships or the CI does not have a set of specified relationships.
  • CMDB Query Builder:
    • The class hierarchy can be filtered to display only classes that can connect to the selected node on the canvas. For more information see Display Suggested Connections.
    • Search for a saved query can be based on specific details such as name, creator, query type, or any combination of these details. Search can also be based on a tag that the user added to the query. See CMDB Query Builder for more information.
    • Only a section of a query can be selected for running. See Run a partial CMDB query for more information.
  • The CI Metadata Editor is integrated into the CI Class Manager, providing a centralized location and easy access to identification related rules, reconciliation related rules, and metadata rules at the class level.
  • CMDB group supports encoded queries, in addition to saved queries.
  • Guided setups for CMDB Health, Identification and Reconciliation, and Creating CI class are included in the base system.
  • The following 110 tables are added, increasing the total number of CMDB tables to 664.
    Class Label Class Name
    agility process cmdb_ci_agility_process
    Apic Host cmdb_ci_apic_host
    Apic Tenant cmdb_ci_apic_tenant
    Application Network Profile cmdb_ci_app_network_profile
    Availability Set cmdb_ci_availability_set
    Availability Zone cmdb_ci_availability_zone
    AWS Datacenter cmdb_ci_aws_datacenter
    Azure Datacenter cmdb_ci_azure_datacenter
    Bridge Domain cmdb_ci_bridge_domain
    Bundled Resources cmdb_ci_bundled_resources
    Cisco Apic cmdb_ci_cisco_apic
    Cloud App Server cmdb_ci_cloud_appserver
    Cloud DataBase cmdb_ci_cloud_database
    Cloud Directory cmdb_ci_cloud_directory
    Cloud IP Address cmdb_ci_cloud_ip_address
    Cloud Key Pair cmdb_ci_cloud_key_pair
    Cloud LB IPAddress cmdb_ci_cloud_lb_ipaddress
    Cloud Load Balancer cmdb_ci_cloud_load_balancer
    Cloud Messaging Service cmdb_ci_cloud_messaging_service
    Cloud Public IP Address cmdb_ci_cloud_public_ipaddress
    Cloud Resource Base cmdb_ci_cloud_resource_base
    Cloud Storage Account cmdb_ci_cloud_storage_account
    Cloud WebServer cmdb_ci_cloud_webserver
    Compute Security Group cmdb_ci_compute_security_group
    Hardware Type cmdb_ci_compute_template
    Tracked Configuration file cmdb_ci_config_file_tracked
    Customer Gateway cmdb_ci_customer_gateway
    Customization Spec cmdb_ci_customization_spec
    Datastore cmdb_ci_datastore
    ACL EP cmdb_ci_endpoint_acl
    agility cmdb_ci_endpoint_agility
    Block EP cmdb_ci_endpoint_block
    Compute Security EP cmdb_ci_endpoint_comp_security
    Customer Gateway EP cmdb_ci_endpoint_cust_gateway
    epicd cmdb_ci_endpoint_epicd
    External Network EP cmdb_ci_endpoint_extnetwork
    RabbitMQ Queue Endpoint cmdb_ci_endpoint_inclusion_rabbitmq_queue
    Inter Connect Endpoint cmdb_ci_endpoint_inter_connect
    Internet Gateway EP cmdb_ci_endpoint_intgateway
    ISCSI EP cmdb_ci_endpoint_iscsi
    NAT EP cmdb_ci_endpoint_nat
    NFS EP cmdb_ci_endpoint_nfs
    Route Table EP cmdb_ci_endpoint_route_table
    Router EP cmdb_ci_endpoint_router
    SAP BO Servers Endpoint cmdb_ci_endpoint_sap_bo_srv
    StoreFront Components Endpoint cmdb_ci_endpoint_storefront_components
    Subnet EP cmdb_ci_endpoint_subnet
    VNIC EP cmdb_ci_endpoint_vnic
    Virtual Private Gateway EP cmdb_ci_endpoint_vpg
    epic cache cmdb_ci_epic_cache
    epicd app server cmdb_ci_epicd_app_server
    Host Cluster cmdb_ci_host_cluster
    Installed Bundles cmdb_ci_installed_bundles
    inter connect cmdb_ci_inter_connect
    Internet Gateway cmdb_ci_internet_gateway
    ISAM Server cmdb_ci_isam_server
    LB Backend Server cmdb_ci_lb_backend_server
    LB Cookie Stickiness Policy cmdb_ci_lb_ckstickinesspolicy
    LB Datacenter cmdb_ci_lb_datacenter
    Load Balancer Listener cmdb_ci_lb_listener
    Load Balancer Template cmdb_ci_lb_template
    LIF cmdb_ci_lif
    Logical Datacenter cmdb_ci_logical_datacenter
    Mirror Template cmdb_ci_mirror_template
    NAS Storage cmdb_ci_nas_storage
    NAT Gateway cmdb_ci_nat_gateway
    Netapp CDOT cmdb_ci_netapp_cdot
    Netapp Datacenter cmdb_ci_netapp_datacenter
    Netapp SVM cmdb_ci_netapp_svm
    Netapp Volume cmdb_ci_netapp_volume
    Cloud Network cmdb_ci_network
    Network ACL cmdb_ci_network_acl
    Network ACL Rule cmdb_ci_network_acl_rule
    Network Policy Group cmdb_ci_network_policy_group
    Network Template cmdb_ci_network_template
    Cloud Mgmt Network Interface cmdb_ci_nic
    Openstack Datacenter cmdb_ci_openstack_datacenter
    Image cmdb_ci_os_template
    Performance Template cmdb_ci_perf_template
    Port Group cmdb_ci_port_group
    Protection Template cmdb_ci_protection_template
    Qtree cmdb_ci_qtree
    Remote Backup Template cmdb_ci_remote_backup_template
    Resource Group cmdb_ci_resource_group
    Route cmdb_ci_route
    Route Table cmdb_ci_route_table
    Router cmdb_ci_router
    Routing Policy cmdb_ci_routing_policy
    Schedule Policy Template cmdb_ci_schedule_policy_template
    Compute Security Group Template cmdb_ci_security_grp_template
    Server Snapshot cmdb_ci_server_snapshot
    Snapshot Template cmdb_ci_snapshot_template
    SNAT IP Pool cmdb_ci_snat_ip_pool
    Storage Access Policy cmdb_ci_storage_access_policy
    Storage Container cmdb_ci_storage_container
    Storage Default Template cmdb_ci_storage_def_template
    Storage Efficiency Template cmdb_ci_storage_eff_template
    Storage Mapping cmdb_ci_storage_mapping
    Storage Node cmdb_ci_storage_node
    Storage Volume Snapshot cmdb_ci_storage_vol_snapshot
    Switch cmdb_ci_switch
    VMware Distributed Virtual Port Group cmdb_ci_vcenter_dv_port_group
    VMware Distributed Virtual Switch cmdb_ci_vcenter_dvs
    Virtual Desktop cmdb_ci_virtual_desktop
    Virtual Private Gateway cmdb_ci_virtual_pvt_gateway
    VM User Credentials cmdb_ci_vm_user_credentials
    VMware Network Adapter cmdb_ci_vmware_nic
    Volume Template cmdb_ci_volume_template
    VPN Connection cmdb_ci_vpn_connection
    VServer Peer cmdb_ci_vserver_peer

Activation information

Platform feature – active by default.