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Jakarta security and notable fixes

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Jakarta security and notable fixes

The Jakarta Early Availability release contains fixes to these problems.

Jakarta was released on June 15, 2017.
Build date: 05-31-2017_2011
Build tag: glide-jakarta-05-03-2017__patch0-05-18-2017
Important: For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to Jakarta.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of Jakarta fixed problems, see KB0623655.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP.

Security-related Fixes

Jakarta includes fixes for security-related problems that affected certain ServiceNow® applications and the Now Platform®. We recommend that customers upgrade to this release for the most secure and up-to-date features. For more details on security problems fixed in Jakarta, refer to KB0621173.

Important fixes in Jakarta

The following problems and their fixes are ordered by potential impact to customers, starting with the most significant fixes.

Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Performance Statistics and Graphs



Blank lists might display when trying to view a table

Many operations, like loading the list view for a table, are timed for building performance metrics. An issue with this timing causes the transaction it is timing to error out.

One possible symptom is seeing a blank list when trying to visit a table despite not failing any ACLs. The issue resolves itself in a few hours or days.

Performance Analytics



All pa_snapshots for an indicator are deleted On a new or upgraded Istanbul instance, unlinking a breakdown from an indicator deletes all pa_snapshots for that indicator.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Edge Encryption



Selecting 'Update All' or 'Update Selected' in a list view nullifies Edge Encryption encrypted fields

This issue only affects Edge Encryption customers who have tables with Edge Encryption encrypted fields and active encryption configurations for these fields.

Data loss can occur when attempting to update records with edge encrypted fields. This is due to a defect in the handling of the multiple update function in a list view.

When a user updates several records with encrypted fields in list view using Update All or Update Selected, the contents of the encrypted fields are lost once Update is clicked.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

User Interface (UI)



IE11: Applying a Microsoft MS16-084 critical patch breaks URLs containing JavaScript calls

After installing the MS16-084 patch, if you access a Fuji, Geneva, Helsinki instance using Internet Explorer 11 and try to apply a template to a record, the pop-up window for selecting templates is blank. The changes to the security settings are blocking any URLs which contain a javascript() function call.

For more information, see Microsoft Security Bulletin MS16-084.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

User Interface (UI)



User preferences are incorrectly being set to false, breaking homepages and related lists Related lists are disabled for the user until an accepted value is entered. This causes errors when loading homepages and dashboards.
  1. At the bottom of a browser console, enter
  2. Refresh the browser and click the gear icon.

Note that in General, Home has no default selections - neither Homepages nor Dashboards were selected.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Platform Performance


A high volume of transactions from a single session can exceed transaction queue, causing HTTP 429 errors Due to an issue with max waiters, which admit only [x] number of transactions for the same session into the transaction queue, more than [x] transactions for a single session can end up in the transaction queue when the transactions for this session have very short transaction processing times.

Platform Security



Virtual tables do not work with read-only mode A symptom of this issue is that an instance's plugin list appears as empty.
  1. Navigate to Note table is empty.
  2. Clear the cache.
  3. Reload the plugins.

The plugins appear.

User Interface (UI)


Safari 10.0.1 redirects users to UI11 Users who log in to their Fuji, Geneva, and Helsinki instances from Safari version 10.0.1 are redirected to the legacy UI11 instead of UI16.
  1. Set user agent string to: "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_12_1) AppleWebKit/602.2.7 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/10.0.1 Safari/602.2.7".
  2. Log in to the instance.

UI11 appears.

User Interface (UI)



Icons are incorrect after upgrading from Geneva to Helsinki After upgrading from Geneva to Helsinki (where the icon fonts have changed), users continue to use the old Geneva icon font, and all icons throughout the interface are incorrect. This issue occurs because the server does not recognize that the icon fonts have changed.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

User Interface (UI)



Activity stream does not load if relationship changes are in the feed and modifications were made by an invalid or nonexistent user Activity stream does not load if relationship changes are in the feed and modifications were made by an invalid user or a user that no longer exists.
  1. Impersonate an admin user (e.g. Fred Luddy).
  2. Navigate to Incident > Open.
  3. Select any Incident and note its number.
  4. Right-click in the form header and choose Configure > Related Lists.
  5. Add Task->Parent to the Selected list and click Save.
  6. Go to the Tasks related list on your Incident and click Edit.
  7. Move any Task to selected and click Save.

    An activity stream entry for your relationship change is displayed.

  8. Delete / change the user ID from the admin account (e.g. Fred Luddy).
  9. Reload the Incident from step 3.

Note that instead of the user ID for the invalid account being displayed, the activity stream does not load, and NPE errors are listed in the logs.

Service Catalog



Variables are not aligned on sc_req_item page if using variable set Fields in variable sets are not aligning with other variables on the sc_req_item page.
  1. Log in to a Geneva instance.
  2. Navigate to Service Catalog > Catalog Definitions > Maintain Items.
  3. Open the item Packing and Shipping.
  4. In the Variable Sets tab or section, click New.
  5. Fill in the following fields:
    • Name: Customer
    • Order: 100
    • Layout: 1 Column Wide
  6. Click Submit.
  7. In the Variables tab or section, click New.
  8. In Type, select Single Line Text.
  9. Click Submit.
  10. On the Catalog Item record for Packing and Shipping, click Try It.
  11. Fill in the mandatory fields.
  12. Click Order Now.

The variables are not aligned on the created sc_req_item.

Knowledge Management


Frame gets shortened - Order an item in Service Catalog After you select an item to order, the frame gets shortened. This occurs for any users who have 'ess' in their URL.
  1. Navigate to Service Catalog > Service Offering > Hardware.
  2. Select Sales Laptop.
Notice the frame is shortened, as iframe is given the style="height:141px;" attribute.

Import / Export



Export to Excel fails if one of the columns is currency Export to Excel fails if there are more than 32,000 rows when exporting to XLS or with hundreds of rows when exporting to XLSX, and one of the columns is of type currency.
  1. Navigate to a list containing more than 32000 rows.
  2. Ensure that a Currency field is in the list.
  3. Right click on the header and select Export > Excel (.xlsx).

The export fails.

Asynchronous Message Bus



After upgrading to Helsinki, HttpClient thread count grows on the MID Server MID Server can go down due to a thread leak that causes the MID Server to run out of memory and go down.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

User Interface (UI)



Dot.walked fields add foreign class to Label, causing Field Watcher in context menu to not be visible

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




LDAP requests fail after upgrade to Helsinki

After an upgrade from Java 6 to Java 8, which is required in the Helsinki release, LDAP requests produce the following error: "Certificates does not conform to algorithm constraints." or "Connection reset"

A rollback to Java 6 is not possible. Java 8 forces TLS V1.2 and also deprecates some cipher suites, which does not work with certain LDAP servers with SSL enabled.

The SSL connection functions correctly via OPENSSL with no issues.

  1. Create a new node with no modified wrapper.conf adjustments.
  2. Upgrade from Geneva to Helsinki.
  3. Test the LDAP connection on the node.

User Interface (UI)



Using AMB Client on the parent frame from the contained frame causes a memory leak in IE11 In Geneva and forward in Internet Explorer 11, the iexplore.exe process consumes more and more memory with each page load, constituting a memory leak. The memory leak stems from the asynchronous message bus that powers many live features in UI16. When this feature is used on pages containing iframes, there is a bug in Internet Explorer 11 that causes the browser to maintain unnecessary information in memory. The fix works around the Internet Explorer 11 memory leak by handling the message bus connections differently.
  1. Open an instance using Internet Explorer 11.
  2. Open the task manager to observe Internet Explorer memory usage.
  3. Navigate to an incident form.
  4. Use the arrow keys on the top right to move between incident forms.

Notice Internet Explorer memory usage continues to climb by 10 - 20 megabytes per page. If you continue to navigate between pages, Internet Explorer will crash after going through a large number of forms.



Slush bucket "Loading..." causes a long loop when processing a large set of data that is not readable When clicking the "Edit" button on a related list or when viewing a Service Catalog List Collector variable, the instance appears to be frozen. This can happen if a user is looking at a slush bucket of a table with more than 5,000 records and where the user does not have read-access to any of the records.




Large number of rows in the Discovery Log [discovery_log] and TCP Connection [cmdb_tcp] tables can cause performance issues during an upgrade

Starting with the Helsinki release, the sys_domain and sys_domain_path fields were added to the Discovery Log [discovery_log] and TCP Connection [cmdb_tcp] tables. Upgrades of instances that have large numbers of rows in these table can lead to performance issues when the upgrade process adds and populates the new fields.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Platform Performance


Excessive cache flushing can cause network card to be maxed out



KB0621521 causing SAML signed authentication failure After upgrading from Fuji to Geneva or Helsinki, some customers who have signed SAML requests are unable to log in using SAML. For example, after an upgrade from Fuji to Geneva or Helsinki, authentication fails.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Condition Builder


Unable to add an 'and' filter condition in related lists and catalog list collectors The 'and' button to the right of a filter condition does not work. An error is thrown: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'filterObject' of null addConditionSpec.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Edge Encryption


During mass encryption or decryption of large tables, wrapper JVM crashes repeatedly, causing the proxy to eventually go offline

During mass encryption or decryption of large tables of more than 1M records, wrapper JVM crashes repeatedly with Internal Error (sharedRuntime.cpp:834), causing the proxy to eventually go offline.

This issue is a known Java defect, closed by Oracle on 2016-07-17 as not reproducible: [JDK-8159216] JVM crashed with "Internal Error (sharedRuntime.cpp:834)" - Java Bug System

Upgrade Engine Issues


A second upgrade can be triggered between un-pausing the instance and updating glide.war

Platform Security


User roles are deleted when glide.role_management.use.inh_count is true without Role Management V2 plugin When the property glide.role_management.use.inh_count is manually created on an instance without activating the Role Management V2 plugin (com.glide.role_management.inh_count), it ends up deleting entries in the sys_user_has_role table that are marked with 'inherited' true.

On an instance that does not have Role Management V2 plugin, create a new system property glide.role_management.use.inh_count set to true.

Notice that as you make changes to the user roles, some of the inherited roles are automatically deleted.

Embedded Help and Tours


Embedded Help REST call is degrading instance performance The Embedded Help CDN HTTP call is on a foreground client thread, which negatively impacts instance performance.

Browse to a page without any Embedded Help content.

Note the HTTP request from the client's browser takes longer then expected.

Edge Encryption



When the number of connections increases, the Edge Encryption proxy experiences extreme slowness Edge Encryption proxies can run extremely slowly. This issue occurs when concurrent user sessions drive up the number of simultaneous user connections to the instance through the proxy. There are also no logs to indicate the proxy's processing.
  1. Start up an Edge Encryption proxy and connect to an instance.
  2. Simulate users going through the proxy and using connection-intensive pages, such as Service Portal and Knowledge.

Notice that after a certain threshold, response times become extremely slow in the browser.

Asset Management


After the upgrade to Helsinki the location fields in [cmdb_ci] get blanked out by business rule "Update location as needed" if the location field on [sys_user] has no value This can cause data loss if the location field is not used in the sys_user record.

Edge Encryption


A network outage can cause the proxy server to give up trying to connect back to the instance

This issue only affects Edge Encryption users.

Users should be able to set the connection retry interval and retry limit for the proxy server.

The fix for this PRB allows users to set the retry interval and limit with the edgeencryption.register.retry.count property. The default value for the connection retry interval is 5 seconds, and the default value for the retry limit is 0. When the retry limit is set to 0, the proxy server will attempt to reconnect until a connection is established. See Edge Encryption proxy server properties for details.

UI Components


If Comments and Worknotes are not selected to display on the activity filter, data can be lost If one of the fields Comments or Worknotes are not selected to be displayed in the activity filter, adding data to those fields is not tracked and the data is lost.

Project Portfolio Management


JVM Memory is exhausted very quickly when an invalid year is entered into the 'Planned End Date' of a Project Task If the user accidentally enters an invalid year in the 'Planned End Date' of a Project Task, the instance runs out of memory very quickly.

Customer Service Management


Account and contact info intermittently load slowly on new case CSM form When there are many contacts (customer_contact) in the system (200k - 600k), creating a case without selecting an account takes a lot of time (minutes). Sometimes the page crashes.

Other notable fixes in Jakarta

Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Import / Export



Currency values are incorrect in Export to Excel The currency field icon is missing when Export to Excel is used. On some glide.system.locales, the first digit can be printed twice, and an extra 0 is added.
  1. Create a table with a currency column.
  2. In the fx_currency table, change the symbol for TRY to .
  3. Set glide.i18n.single_currency to false.
  4. Set glide.i18n.single_currency.code to USD.
  5. Set to Europe/Istanbul.
  6. Set glide.system.locale to tr.TR.
  7. Create a record in the new table with a currency amount in $ (e.g. $100).
  8. Export to Excel.

Note that the output value is 1100.00.

User Interface (UI)



With List v3, the sys_user table list fails to load if the name field starts with a dot followed by a space In List v3, if the name field for a record from sys_user table starts with <dot/period><space><the rest of the name> (for example, ". restofname") and that record is displayed in the current list, the list fails to load.
  1. Create a new sys_user record with name that starts with ". "
    • Do not use the quotation marks: <dot/period><space><the rest of the name>
    • Note whether the name field is displaying first then last or last then first.
    • Make sure that the name field starts with (without quotation marks) ". <the rest of the name>" .
  2. Make sure that sys_user list is using List V3.
  3. Navigate to sys_user.list.
  4. Make sure that the new record is being displayed in the current list. If it is not, sort or navigate to the record.

There will be errors on the server and client.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

UI Components


Users receive login/authentication prompts when trying to attach files When attaching an image for Welcome/Login page content, authorization is required. Users do not expect to have to enter login credentials to attach an image.




Date/Time fields sporadically show the time zone, which causes an 'invalid date' error message When opening a form or creating a new record, Date/Time fields such as "Opened at" and "Created by" sporadically display the timezone. This causes updates/inserts to fail because the "Invalid Date" error appears when attempting to save.

The issue has occurred most often in Internet Explorer, but has also occurred in Firefox. The issue is not reproducible consistently, but appears sporadically on task forms containing glide_date_time fields.

  1. Open any form with a date/time field.
  2. Check to see if the fields have a time zone.

Note that the date/time field is displaying the time zone sporadically. The date/time field should not display time zone if the system property format is yyyy/dd/mm HH:mm:ss.

Platform Performance



When using UI16 in IE, the application navigator (left nav) is blank - it loads continuously or does not load When the server is busy, it returns HTTP response code 202 messages. The application navigator does not always handle these response codes correctly.

Import / Export


After Geneva upgrade, columns in Excel export auto-wrap and do not automatically resize the width to fit all content in one line In Fuji, columns in Excel exports were resized automatically to fit the width of all content in one line on an Excel export. This behavior changed in Geneva - all columns are exported as a fixed with by default, and the text for each field wraps to the next line.

In a Fuji instance

  1. Open any list report.
  2. Export the report to Excel.

    The column width automatically resizes.

In a Geneva instance

  1. Open any list report.
  2. Export the report to Excel.

    The column width is fixed with text wrapping.




Cannot open workflow in Diagrammer view if it contains an Approval Coordinator that has one or more child activities with stage(s) If a workflow contains an Approval Coordinator and it contains a child activity with a stage, when opened in the Workflow Diagrammer, the following error is thrown and the Workflow will not open: Error loading diagram - Cannot read property 'Stage' of undefined
  1. Add an Approval Coordinator to a workflow.
  2. Add a Child Approval activity to the coordinator and give it a Stage.
  3. Close the workflow.
  4. Re-open the workflow in the Workflow Diagrammer.



Multiple corporate logos attach to incident on inbound email If an outbound email contains a picture (e.g. a logo), a reply to that email includes the logo, the incident will update with the replied email, and the logo will be attached to the incident. Multiple replies throughout the incident lifecycle result in many identical logos attached to the incident.
  1. Add an image to an email notification, such as an 'Incident opened for me' notification.
  2. Create an incident.

    The caller will receive an email with that logo.

  3. As the caller, reply to the email.

    The incident is updated with an attachment of the logo.

If users reply to the email multiple times, the incident has multiple attachments of the same image.

User Interface (UI)



Editing a report definition and expanding child tables is slow and delayed When creating or editing a report, dot walking into fields in the cmdb_ci table produces long waits and, at times, browser errors.

Perform the following steps using the Chrome browser.

  1. In the Application Navigator, type sys_properties.list in the Filter navigator text box and press enter or return on your keyboard.
  2. Find and open the record for the property named glide.ui.list.allow_extended_fields.
  3. Set the Value to true.
  4. Click Update.
  5. Navigate to Reports > Create New.
  6. Set the Table to CI Relationship (cmdb_rel_ci).
  7. In the Available column, click Parent [+].
  8. Click the + button between the columns (slushbuckets) to expand the column and view dot-walked fields.

A Chrome browser error appears asking you to 'kill' or 'wait' for the transaction to complete. If you wait, the fields become visible for editing.



Copy/pasting or dropping images into email client generates valid HTML, but RFC2397 is not supported by all receiving email clients

Although copy-paste and dragging and dropping images on an email client generates valid HTML, certain email clients do not support this way of displaying inline images. TinyMCE embeds the image data into the HTML using RFC2397 with a tag such as "<img src=3D"data:image/png;base64...".

However, because email HTML renderers do not treat HTML the same as web browsers, many email programs do not display images embedded in the HTML using RFC2397.

  1. Navigate to Incident > Open and select an existing incident.
  2. Send an email message with an image.
    1. Open the email client.
    2. Copy and paste an image from an application (MS Paint, MS Word, or the like).
    3. Send the email.
  3. In the outbox, verify that you can see the images correctly.
  4. Send the email out of the instance.

On Outlook, the image does not display, but on Apple Mail, it does. Other email clients might or might not display the image.

UI Components



Video .mov files do not render in TinyMCE when uploaded via System > Videos When a video is uploaded as an attachment in a format that the system supports (such as .mov), the video does not play back.

Service Catalog



Cart layouts are not functioning correctly If Price, Quantity or Subtotal are unchecked, the Item Ordering Widget is not visible.
  1. Navigate to Maintain Cart Layouts > Shopping Cart Widget.
  2. Uncheck Visible and save.
  3. Navigate to Maintain Cart Layouts > Item Ordering Widget.
  4. Fill in the form in the Components section as follows:
    • Price - Uncheck
    • Recurring price - Check
    • Quantity - Uncheck
    • Subtotal - Uncheck
    • Recurring subtotal - Check
    • Delivery time - Check
  5. Go to a Catalog Item.

Notice the entire Item Ordering Widget is not visible. If you check any one of the check boxes for Price, Quantity or Subtotal, then the Item Ordering Widget is visible.

Transaction and Session Management



Canceling a homepage can cause CellRenderThread threads to wait indefinitely Under the right cancellation circumstances, the CellRenderThread can get stuck.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

UI Components



UI policy conditions are not evaluated correctly when using variables in the condition builder Conditions are not evaluated as expected when using variables in the condition builder for SLA definitions, UI policies, or other condition builders. The metadata for the variables used in the filter are not parsed correctly, causing an incorrect dot-walked condition.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

User Interface (UI)



HTML fields do not render content when dot-walked to other records When dot-walking to an HTML field on a form, the TinyMCE container and HTML text do not appear. Only the field label and the icons to expand(+)/collapse(-) the field appear.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

UI Components



Editing template data for list field removes entries (watchlist) When saving data for a template for a glide_list field, data is removed from the list.
  1. Open an incident.
  2. Press (...) next to the UI actions in the top right corner.
  3. Select Toggle Template Bar.
  4. If there is no template, click Create New Template. Otherwise, press (...) on the right of the template bar, and select Edit to the right of any existing template.
  5. If it is not already a field in the template, add the Watch list field to the template.
  6. Add 4 or more entries to the Watch list value field, separated by commas. This can be any combination of email addresses or users in the system. Note who you have in the second to last position.
  7. Save the template, then edit it again.

    The second to last object in the list is removed.

  8. Save again, and go back to the template.

    The Watch list is unchanged.

  9. Add another object to the end of the list.

    Again, note who is second to last.

  10. Save.

The second to last object in the list is removed.

User Interface (UI)



Records created via Parent and Child Templates are not properly linked Records created from Parent/Child templates may not be linked by the correct field. For example, Change Task records may be linked to a Change Request record by the Parent field, instead of the Change Request field, which may not be displayed on the Change Task > Change Request related list.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Import / Export



LDAP error occurs when importing a large number of attributes The following LDAP error occurs when importing a large number of attributes: "Row size too large. The maximum row size for the used table type, not counting BLOBs, is 8126. You have to change some columns to Text or Blobs."
  1. Configure an LDAP server.
  2. Configure a data source to fetch user records from this LDAP server.
  3. Ensure that the Attributes field of LDAP server data source is empty.
  4. Ensure that the remote LDAP server contains a large number of attributes, enough so that when you count the byte size of all attributes together for one of the records, it is larger than 8126.
  5. Run the import.

Note the following error in the import log: "Records that are larger than 8126 in size are skipped by the import process with this error."




Published version of workflow included with plugins reverts to OOB version The published version of workflows is reverted to the OOB version, and user data is being overwritten.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Project Management


Cannot 'Close Complete' project task with manual calculation due to a modified actual start date If the actual start date is modified for a manual calculation project's a project task, the user will no longer be able to close off the task as 'Closed Completed'.
  1. Create a new project ( and fill out the mandatory fields.
  2. Set the calculation to Manual and save the record.
  3. Create a new project task via the related list, filling out the necessary mandatory fields. Save.
  4. Set the project task's state to Work in Progress and save.
  5. Change the Actual start date to a date in the future (increase by 1 day) and save.
  6. Change the Actual start date again (increase by another day) and save.
  7. Change the state for the project task to Close Complete and then save.

Expected behavior: The project task is closed without issues.

Actual behavior: The user is unable to close the project task as completed.

The following error messages appear: "Cannot change the planned end date of closed task. Invalid update"



When an instance upgrades from Eureka/Fuji to Istanbul, the mid.version is not updated in sys_properties. This leads to a false error on the MID Server form in the instance.

Service Catalog



Record producer variables are returning "undefined" instead of an empty string When a record producer with a variable of type Yes/No or Multiple Choice with 'none' included is used to produce a record, the variable returns "undefined" instead of an empty string.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.



Workflow Editor - When opening a "published" workflow that has been checked out by another user, UI warning message should be displayed on the editor

When opening a 'published' version of the workflow that has been checked out by another user, the workflow editor should display a warning message with the username of the user that has checked out the workflow.

This way, if the workflow is checked out by User A for example, User B will be aware of this when viewing the workflow through the editor.

  1. As System Administrator, navigate to Workflow > Workflow Editor.
  2. On the workflow editor, open Default SLA workflow.
  3. On the icon (left of the workflow name), click Checkout.

    The workflow is now checked out.

  4. Log out and log in as another user with the "workflow_admin" role or as another administrator.
  5. Then, repeat steps 1-3.

Notice that when you click on the icon (left of the workflow name), there is no checkout or published button. This is expected because another version exists where its been checked out by the System Administrator" user.

However, the workflow version at the top of the workflow editor says "Published", giving the impression that the user should also be able to check out the workflow.

User Interface (UI)



List v3 ignores the glide.ui.goto_use_contains system property On Helsinki instances, List v3 ignores the glide.ui.goto_use_contains system property.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.



Inbound email incorrectly classified as 'new' when no watermark or record number, but In-Reply-To header's message-id refers to an email in the instance

When an email arrives in the instance with the following conditions, the email should be classified as a reply, but is incorrectly classified as a 'new' email.

  1. Reply prefix exists in subject (e.g. "Re: <subject>")
  2. no watermark in the email
  3. no record number in the email
  4. An In-Reply-To header in the email, with a message-id of an email that exists in the instance email log
  5. The email located by message-id has a target record existing in the system.

The system incorrectly treats this email as a 'new' email instead of locating the original email by message-id and finding the target record from that. This results in opening a new incident, when the email should have matched on the target record via the In-Reply-To header.

  1. User A sends email to a ServiceNow instance, and cc's User B.
  2. User B clicks 'reply' in their email program, and sends it to User A and the instance.

User B's email arrives in the instance (and contains an In-Reply-To header referencing User A's email, which exists in the system from step 1.

Database Indexes


Table Cleaner on v_rrd_slow_script, v_rrd_slow_transaction, and v_rrd_slow_query causes replication to fall behind Slow DELETES occur against v_rrd_slow_script, v_rrd_slow_transaction, and v_rrd_slow_query from Table Cleaner, even when there are no rows to delete. Deletes against v_rrd_slow_* tables can run for tens of hours (30-50 hours) even when there are no rows to delete, and this causes replication to fall behind.
  1. Observe Replication Lag is beyond the operations threshold.
  2. Observe the DELETE statements on the secondary database are running long against the tables: v_rrd_slow_script, v_rrd_slow_transaction, and v_rrd_slow_query
  3. Optionally, verify the "Table Cleaner" job is running in



Workflow Editor is taking a long time to load when opening up a workflow when Orchestration is active The issue usually occurs when users have opened up multiple tabs within the Workflow Editor. Other example symptoms:
  • When the Workflow Editor opens and a user clicks on any Workflow to open, it takes over 10 -15 seconds to load.
  • The user is on the latest version of Google Chrome (Version 53.0.2785.101 (64-bit)) or Firefox.

UI Components


HTML with namespaces are not properly displayed within CODE tags in the activity formatter XML namespace tags and values remain for some examples.

UI Components



UI16 does not render the email reply button on the activity (filtered) formatter The functionality is available after switching to UI15.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




When Windows Server 2016 is discovered, it is incorrectly classified as a Computer CI When Windows Server 2016 is discovered, it is incorrectly classified as a Computer CI (cmdb_ci_computer), and not as a Windows Server CI (cmdb_ci_win_server) in the CMDB. Discover a Windows 2016 server.

Express to Enterprise


Some ACLs remain after an Express to Enterprise conversion pre-Istanbul After an Express to Enterprise conversion on a Helsinki, Geneva, or Fuji instance, some ACLs remain that prevent Enterprise admins from fully accessing script fields and other tables/fields.



Emails render with Global domain display values for choice list labels When a user is logged into a domain other than the Global domain and views an incident record, the user can select another domain from the domain picker. However, any email notifications that are sent based on changes to the same incident reflect the choice list values that use the Global domain, not the user-selected domain.
  1. Select a domain other than Global.
  2. Update an incident that fires a notification.

The notification contains information based on the Global domain, not the user-selected domain.

Upgrade Engine Issues


Private properties generating 'skip errors' during upgrade During upgrades, a private sys_property is skipped, and it is reported to the end user as a 'skip error' .
  1. Mark a sys_property as is_private=true and modify it.
  2. Upgrade the instance.
  3. Review the upgrade log.

The modified sys_property is skipped and incorrectly marked as a skipped_error. The property is correctly skipped because it is private, but the error is confusing.

Record Certification


After Helsinki upgrade, users receive roles that were previously removed from the ITIL containing role After an upgrade to Helsinki, deleted relationships between roles resurface.

In a Geneva instance:

  1. Install the Architecture Compliance plugin.
  2. Verify ITIL role is added with another inherited role: Certification.
  3. Delete this relationship.
  4. Schedule an upgrade to Helsinki.

After the Helsinki upgrade, this deleted role will be seen with the ITIL role.




Connect throws 500 error when resetUnreadCount is called on an empty conversation In Helsinki and Istanbul, error messages appear in System Logs > Errors.
  1. Clear out all live_group_member records on the instance.
  2. Navigate to the $ tab.
  3. Switch to a different tab.
  4. Switch back to the $ tab.

Browser shows the HTTP request tries to call /api/now/connect/conversations/undefined



CIs are being created with the name [OBJECT OBJECT].[OBJECT OBJECT] Configuration items are being created with the name "[OBJECT OBJECT].[OBJECT OBJECT]"

Survey Management


After upgrading to Istanbul, Survey invitations are not displaying a URL link This issue occurs because the AssessmentUtils script include performs a GlideRecord query on sp_portal table without checking whether 'Service Portal - Core' plugin is activated on the instance. The system throws an error when the query is executed.

HTML Editor


Insert/Modify Link icon on empty TinyMCE Knowledge editor is enabled but URL/text is not saved The Insert/Edit Link icon on TinyMCE is enabled on empty editor, but clicking it and adding URL and text does not work.



Scoped apps: Activity Formatter not supported for configuration

The activity formatter is global and available to all task tables. To configure it for a specific table, users must create a system property formatted as follows: glide.ui.<MY CUSTOM TABLE>_activity.fields

However, in a scoped application, it is <MY SCOPE>.glide.ui.<MY CUSTOM TABLE>_activity.fields. This does not work properly.




List v3 is not rendering stages properly for columns of type Workflow The new List v3 view is not rendering stages properly for columns of type Workflow.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




CIM_ERR_INVALID_PARAMETER: CIM_HostedShare warning is displayed during storage Discovery The warning "CIM_ERR_INVALID_PARAMETER: CIM_HostedShare is displayed during storage discovery" appears when discovering specific CIM servers.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




Inconsistent audio and desktop notifications in Connect In Connect, there is inconsistent behavior for audio and desktop notifications. When desktop and audio notifications are set, notifications appear, disappear, and then appear again. Audio notifications are also inconsistent, especially when related to transfers.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

UI Components



Delay in Type Filter on left navigation panel There is a delay when typing text into the Type Filter text in the left navigation panel. The delay is much more significant in Istanbul vs. Helsinki due to styling changes, including some additional markup between the Helsinki and Istanbul releases.
  1. In the filter navigator, type System or any other term.
  2. Notice the slight delay in the type-ahead.

Update Sets



sys_storage_alias entry is not deleted when dropping a field from an extended table in update set commit Records in the sys_storage_alias table are not deleted when dropping a field from an extended table via an update set commit.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Update Sets


Error when previewing/committing update set with an unusually formatted payload

Some specific update set payloads that have been formatted with line breaks can cause errors when previewing/committing.

This PRB only addresses updates with line breaks in the payload element AND the payload starts with:


<sys_dictionary ...

Language and Translations


Service Catalog categories only display the title of the parent in translated instances After changing the instance language to German (or French), the Service Catalog Category "Titel" displays the translated value of the corresponding translated value of "Übergeordnet" (parent) or "Katalog" (sc_catalog) if at least one of these columns is on the list and has a value. The element furthest to the right in the list is used and is displayed as "Titel."

Performance Analytics


HTTP Code: 408 error while exporting a graph as an image

When exporting a large widget to a PNG or JPG image, there is a timeout error and the image is not downloaded.

The fix for this PRB includes a new property, This property has a default value of 2 MB - if the file size is exceeded, the Export button will not appear.



Linux - Storage sensor for computers with lots of disks will run instance node out of memory and cause a restart Node performance is noticeably affected when running large sensors.

UI Components


Non-admin users with only the role 'filter_group' are not able to save group filters in List V3 When non-admin users only have the 'filter_group' role, they are unable to save group filters in List V3. In the condition builder, the 'Save Filter' button only shows 'Only Me', without the 'Group' option.


  • Activate the List v3 plugin.
  • Make sure List v3 is enabled: make sure that the system property named 'glide.ui.list_v3.enable' is set to 'true'.
  • An ITIL user only has the 'filter_group' role with no other filter roles.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Impersonate the ITIL user.
  2. In the filter navigator, enter incident.list.
  3. Edit the filter and set Active to true.
  4. Click Save Filter.

The filter does not show the 'Group' option.

Asynchronous Message Bus


AMBClient disconnect does not have a timeout and waits indefinitely



Clearing and adding options to a choice field multiple times in a client script does not work as expected

Knowledge Management


Resizing issues with Knowledge pages Knowledge pages are not always resized properly - some pages are cut off. In addition, the Knowledge ESS script should only run when knowledge pages are being rendered.

Security Incident Response


Security Incident Response plugin is causing issues with attachments and work notes The Security Incident Response plugin is stopping user access to journal fields on any non-task table.

Service Mapping


Discovery processing is very slow or stuck When Service Mapping discovery is run for multiple services (or all services), the discovery job may slow down due to the service recomputation jobs being processed. As a result, discovery tasks can time out.



Unable to use semicolons to separate multiple emails in scheduled reports When multiple email addresses are added and an email is generated, the semicolons separating each email address are not replaced with a comma. This prevents the scheduled report from getting emailed to users.

In an Istanbul instance:

  1. Set up a scheduled report.
  2. Separate multiple emails in the 'Email addresses' field with semicolons (;).
  3. Execute the scheduled report.
  4. Navigate to System Logs > Emails.

The email record is in a state of 'send - ignored'. If you open the email log record, the semicolons between each recipient were not converted to commas. Updating the scheduled report to use commas sends the report as expected.

Usage Analytics


ua_instance_state table is not included in clone excludes table

Core Platform


GlideAggregate returns the incorrect display value for Service Catalog variable fields In reporting, legend labels and data labels display the variable choice values instead of the display value. For example, 'Storage' is shown as 'sixtyfour' instead of '64 GB'.

User Interface (UI)



Template Dialog has double save buttons with UI advanced property enabled When the system property glide.ui.advanced is set to true, two Save UI Action buttons are visible when creating a new template for Incident.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.



Window hangs because of workflow sequence generation While designing a workflow, windows might hang.

Service Catalog



Any data records in tables with a custom field referencing a catalog item will also be copied when that catalog item is copied via 'Copy' UI action

When using the 'Copy' UI action on any catalog item (or record producer, order guide) record, the code that copied the referencing records will also copy all other records that have custom reference fields also referencing the catalog item.

For example, a custom field task.u_record_producer referencing sc_cat_item could be used for keeping track of which record producer was used to create an incident or change request. Copying the record producer will result in duplicate incidents or change records being created for all of those created from the record producer.

This does not affect any Requested Item records that reference catalog items, which is an out-of-box field.

  1. Navigate to any table (e.g. Incident).
  2. Create a new reference field Catalog Item referencing the table sc_cat_item.
  3. Pick a record in the incident table and populate the newly created field Catalog Item to Access (a catalog item).
  4. Navigate to Maintain Item and open the catalog item Access.

If you click Copy, a new Item will be created with name 'Copy Of Access', but a duplicated record is also created in the incident table where the Reference field is created. Duplicate records have the 'Catalog Item' field populated to 'Access'.

Service Portal



A user cannot use the shopping cart on the Service Portal implementation of Service Catalog When users go to a catalog item, they cannot click on the button "Add to Cart".



Mandatory catalog variables in variable sets are not honored in the native app and Helsinki mobile web Making a Catalog Variable within Variable Sets mandatory appears to have no effect in the native app other than the asterisk marking it as mandatory. Catalog items can still be submitted with these fields left blank.
  1. Create a catalog item. Make sure Availability is set to Desktop and Mobile.
  2. Create a variable set for the catalog item.
  3. Create a variable within the variable set. Make this variable mandatory using the Mandatory check box.
  4. Test this catalog item in the desktop UI, mobile UI, and the native app.

Note that in the native app, users do not receive a mandatory field warning, and the catalog item can be submitted.

Service Portal


Changing the currency symbol (in the fx_currency record) causes $0 priced items to display their prices in Service Portal When the currency symbol field is changed in the fx_currency record, prices for $0.00 items are displayed with their prices in the Service Portal.




In mobile UI client scripts, current roles are unavailable on the g_user object

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Edge Encryption



Three known use cases can cause false Edge Encryption proxy outage alerts In each case, the string "No Edge Encryption proxy online" appears in the instance logs, which triggers the outage alert.

These three use cases can cause false outages:

  • A proxy starts up for the first time (Intermittent). When a brand new proxy connects to a freshly zbooted instance, it takes some time to start up after its registration, which can sometimes exceed the default 25-second outage time.
  • GlideCacheManager.invalidate() is called by a script.
  • An operation like an upgrade script flushes the Glide cache.

System Applications


Slush bucket does not work as expected Users are intermittently unable to add items from the 'Available' to 'Selected' columns in slushbuckets.



LDAP synced users are not able to login because "No DN returned for [user_name]"
After the LDAP authentication is turned on and all configurations are complete, LDAP synced users cannot log in. In the LDAP log, users see messages such as:
  • <User name> cannot login
  • No DN field returned for <User name>
  • No user information found in ldap for <User name>

Service Portal



In Service Portal, catalog item variables are read-only for non-roled users When the variables in a catalog item have write_roles configured and a non-roled user tries to create a request using the catalog item, all of the variables are read-only in Service Portal. However, the variables in the catalog item in the normal catalog UI are not read-only.
  1. As an admin user, navigate to Maintain Items.
  2. Open the Sales Laptop catalog item.
  3. From the related list, open the Additional software requirements variable.
  4. Add the Write roles field to the form if is not already there.
  5. Add the admin role to the variable (so that the admin is required to write to the variable).
  6. Click Update.
  7. Impersonate an ESS user.
  8. Navigate to the Service Portal.
  9. Search for and view the Sales Laptop catalog item.

Expected behavior: Variables are writable in the normal UI and Service Portal.

Actual behavior: Variables are read-only in Service Portal. They are writable only in the normal UI.

Core Platform


Forms and lists can load slowly if they render multiple reference fields that have blank display values Depending on how many times the form is trying to render the reference field that has a blank display value, the form will load slowly. Specifically, this has been seen with a blank "name" field on the cmdb_ci table.

Service Catalog Widgets: Service Portal



action.setRedirectURL and producer.redirect do not work on Service Portal producer.redirect defined on an item/record producer does not work on Service Portal.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Knowledge Management



Images are lost after importing Word article through Knowledge portal
  1. Navigate to Knowledge > Homepage.
  2. Click the Import Articles button.
  3. Click Click to select and and choose the Word document.
  4. At the prompt, identify the location of the article.
  5. Choose a Knowledge Base and click Import.

Note that although no error message appears, images in the article do not appear.

Upgrade Engine Issues


Users are unable to revert to base version the changes made to the backout UI action by a recent write audit




The 'Other' section of a report does not display the correct data if the report is not saved The 'Other' section on grouped reports shows no data when clicked; unsaved changes to reports do not display when report is run.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Knowledge Management



A knowledge base with disabled Social Q&A still shows when users try to create a question When navigating to the Knowledge page and posting a question, users can select a knowledge base for which Social Q&A is disabled. When the question is submitted, an error appears.
  1. Enable Social Q&A for a knowledge base.
  2. Check that you have at least one knowledge base that does not have Social Q&A enabled.
  3. Navigate to Self-Service > Knowledge.
  4. Click Post a Question.
  5. In the Knowledge Base field, click the arrows to show the drop-down menu.

    Note that all knowledge bases are listed, even the knowledge bases for which Social Q&A has not been enabled.

  6. In the Knowledge Base field, select a knowledge base that does not have Social Q&A activated.
  7. Add a Title.
  8. Click Post Question.

Note the error message: 'Error in fetching question'. The question cannot be submitted successfully.




Wait time is not displayed in legacy chat window When an end user initiates the chat, the displayed message is: "You are currently in position 1 in the queue. Your approximate wait time is 7 Seconds." However, this message is not displayed when using legacy chat.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




Script logs contain entries from home_grid.xml When a homepage or CMS calls home_grid.xml, these log statements appear: '>>>> layout: layout_2_across'

Delegated Development


List UI actions are doubled on the sysapproval_approver table in Helsinki and Istanbul The list choice UI actions 'Approve' and 'Reject' appear twice in the sysapproval_approver list, in the "Actions on selected rows" drop-down choice menu.
  1. Navigate to sysapproval_approver.list.
  2. At the bottom, click Actions on selected rows.

'Approve' and 'Reject' appear twice on the list.

Service Portal



Fonts and glyph icons do not display as expected in Helsinki Fonts and glyph icons in .woff2 font file resource in /sp-fonts folder cannot be found on instances upgraded to Helsinki.

To determine whether an instance is affected:

  1. Navigate to System Definition > Plugins and activate the Service Portal plugin.
  2. Open a browser window to a Service Portal (for example, /sp).

If the browser throws a 404 error failing to download /sp-fonts/glyphicons-halflings-regular.woff2, the instance is affected.

Knowledge Management


When ESS users access the Knowledge homepage, categories intermittently do not show up ESS users are experiencing intermittent issues with categories on the Knowledge homepage. When some ESS users click the ESS link to the Knowledge page, no categories are loaded. Sometimes, all categories load correctly.

This issue occurs intermittently.

  1. Log in to an instance as an admin user.
  2. Navigate to Self-Service > Knowledge > Knowledge Bases.
  3. Make one knowledge base active, and make the remaining knowledge bases inactive.
  4. Navigate to ESS.
  5. Press command and click the knowledge link 20-30 times continuously on that page. This will cause 20-30 tabs to open.

In some of these tabs, the categories do not load.

Expected behavior: The categories load on the knowledge base home.

Actual behavior: The categories do not load.

Service Catalog


If a variable value contains unprintable ASCII characters, the Edit Cart and 2-step Checkout pages will not load

If a variable value contains unprintable ASCII characters which are invalid XML once encoded (e.g. &#11;, &#16;), the Edit Cart and 2-step Checkout pages will not load.

If a user pastes a value into a catalog item string variable, which includes unprintable ASCII characters:
  1. The value will be saved in the cart item sc_item_option record.
  2. The Edit Cart/2 step checkout page (com.glideapp.servicecatalog_cart_view_v2) will not load with an error such as "Character reference "&#16" is an invalid XML character."
  1. Create a Catalog item with a single-line text variable.
  2. To open the item in the catalog, click Try it.
  3. Copy/paste text into the variable, including some hieroglyphs starting with 17h, followed by "proper text after unprintable characters".
  4. Add to cart.

    Note that a sc_item_option record now exists with this value.

  5. Click Edit Cart.

    This loads the 'com.glideapp.servicecatalog_cart_view_v2' UI Page that is also used for 2-step checkout.

Note the error: "Character reference "&#17" is an invalid XML character."



Formatting of HTML in the email client template is lost when opening the email client
HTML placed in the "body" field of an email client template record can lose formatting when it is rendered in the email client. Some observed issues:
  • If you add html <table> tags to a email client template the tags will get converted to <div> tags.
  • Extra lines are added to line item structure.

Server Side Scripting


Dot-walking through a reference to tags field results in Syntax Error or Access Rule Violation
If a user configure a list to add a dot-walk to the tags field of a reference, the list no longer displays properly. The user receives these listed errors when viewing the list:
  • MySQL: Syntax Error or Access Rule Violation detected by database (Unknown column 'task4.sys_tags' in 'field list')
  • Oracle: Syntax Error or Access Rule Violation detected by database (ORA-00904: "TASK1"."sys_tags": invalid identifier)

UI Policy/Client Script


HTML editor TinyMCE strips out the onclick link attribute despite adding it to the HTMLSanitizerConfig HTML_WHITELIST

For example,

<strong><br />Note</strong>: For steps on how to submit a WSR refer to <strong>KB0000001</strong> -&nbsp;<a href="/" onclick="return getLinkToKB(this, 'KB0000001');" target="_blank">

changes to

<p><strong><br />Note</strong>: For steps on how to submit a WSR refer to <strong>KB0000001</strong> -&nbsp;<a href="/" target="_blank"> How to Submit a WSR</a></p>




Deleting a non-empty table that extends sys_metadata does not remove sys_metadata records for rows in that table If a table extending sys_metadata is deleted and there were rows in that table, then the sys_metadata records corresponding to the rows in that table are not removed.
  1. Create a new table that extends sys_metadata.
  2. Navigate to that table and create a new record in it.

    Note the sys_id of the the record you just created.

  3. Delete the table (without deleting the record in it).
  4. Navigate to sys_metadata and search by sys_id using the id from step 3.

Note that the record has not been removed.



Printer-friendly version not working with reports
  • For pie charts, the printer-friendly option (in the gear wheel/settings) results in a blank page with a 'Click to Print' button. The Chrome console shows an error: SetupSeries not defined.
  • Bar charts experience this same issue. For bar charts, the Chrome console shows this error: Failed To Load Resource 400: Bad Request.

In a Helsinki instance:

Pie charts

  1. Navigate to Report > All Contracts by Type report (a pie chart type report).
  2. Click the gear wheel (settings).
  3. Click Printer Friendly Version.

Note there is a blank page with a 'Click To Print' button. If you enable Chrome Console (COMMAND+OPTION+J), you will see an error:

Uncaught ReferenceError: setupSeries is not defined

Bar charts

  1. Change the pie chart to a bar chart.
  2. Run the report.
  3. Click the cog wheel (settings).
  4. Click Printer Friendly Version.

Note the page is blank without a 'Click To Print' button. The Chrome console shows this error:

Failed To Load Resource: 400 (Bad Request).

UI Components


Reference lookup issue when using List v3

UI Components


When settings content outgrows the container, it overflows When you click on the Settings icon while using a tablet, content overflows from the container on the General and Theme tabs.

Using a tablet in UI16:

  1. Click on the Settings icon in the header.

    Note that the 'Printer-friendly version' icon is outside of the containing frame.

  2. Click on the Themes tab.

    Note that the last few themes are overflowing the container.



During an upgrade, connect_action is forcibly updated This can interfere with customer customizations or changes.
  1. Update the Connect Action titled Create Incident.
  2. Upgrade the instance.
  3. After the upgrade, check the Connect Action titled Create Incident.

It has been reverted to its OOB state.



Handling empty sys storage alias In various situations, the table editor or other source can insert an empty sys_storage_alias.storage_alias. As a result, a NullPointerException (NPE) is thrown when the db layer is loading the sys_storage_alias for table or column changes. If the NPE is thrown in the middle of upgrade, the upgrade can fail.

Service Portal



If a requested item is ordered as part of an order guide from Service Portal, the Order Guide field on the Requested Item form does not show the order guide name If a requested item is ordered as part of an order guide, the Order Guide field on the Requested Item form should show the order guide name. However, when the request is submitted from Service Portal, the Order Guide field is empty.

In a Helsinki instance:

  1. Open the Service Portal home page.
  2. Navigate to Service Catalog > Can We Help You?
  3. Select New Hire.

    This is an OOB Order Guide.

  4. Enter all mandatory fields.
  5. Click Submit.

    You will get a small pop-up near the header: "Created REQ0010011 - track using 'Requests' in the header or click here to view".

  6. Open this REQ and associated RITM.

In the RITM form, the Order Guide field is empty.

If this same request is submitted from Service Catalog (outside Service Portal), the Order Guide is populated correctly.




Cannot enable notification preferences for a mandatory notification on non-primary email devices The notification preferences page causes the mandatory notifications to display as though all devices will receive the notification. The user cannot switch off preferences for any of the devices. In addition, only devices with a cmn_notif_message for a mandatory notification receive the notification.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Upgrade Engine Issues


Resolve Conflicts action displays 'Payload is not found' on a coalesced record The 'Resolve Conflicts' UI action on a skipped record displays a 'Payload is not found' message if there is no sys_update_xml for that record. The system looks for a sys_update_xml with the file name that is in source control, without considering whether that file has coalesced and exists under a different name/sys_id.
  1. Navigate to sys_ui_view.list.
  2. Search for 'Name' = default.
  3. Customize that record and verify a sys_update_xml is generated.
  4. Upgrade the instance.
  5. After upgrade, navigate to the sys_upgrade_history record for the upgrade.
  6. Filter down the skipped list to only sys_ui_view records with 'Target Name' = default.
  7. Click any of these records, excluding the one you modified in step 3.
  8. Click Resolve Conflicts.

Expected behavior: The user should be able to tell that this record coalesced to the one modified in step 3 and show the difference.

Actual behavior: The user sees a 'Payload is not found' error message.

Automated Test Framework



Screenshots are not displayed in test results due to missing extension Automated Test Framework test results are missing screenshots due to generated attachments having no extension.
  1. Navigate to Automated Test Framework > Test and create a test.
  2. Add a step to the test to 'Open a new form'.
  3. Set the form table to Incident.
  4. Run the test.

Expected behavior: The Test Result record has a JPG screenshot with a file extension.

Actual behavior: The Test Result record has a PNG screenshot with no file extension.




Reference field autocomplete/typeahead blocks the filter's reference input field and when editing a list When attempting to auto-complete a reference field value in a filter, the input field is covered with the suggestions list. When only one result is returned, a one-item list appears above the text field, but you need to use the down arrow to select it using the keyboard.
  1. Navigate to Incident > Open (or fix targets or stories).
  2. Open the filter builder and add a new AND clause.
  3. Choose Configuration Item (Problem on HI, or Target Branch for fix target or story).
  4. Tab over to the text area and type a single character.

Note that suggestions appear starting above the text area and continuing down over the top of it

Service Portal



Mandatory field alert is not translated The alert texts "The following mandatory fields are not filled in" and "The following fields are incomplete" are not translated in the Service Portal.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.




List calculation disappears once the report is saved List calculations such as total, average, minimum, and maximum values disappear from the report when Save is clicked.

UI Components


Accessibility - Context menus cannot be navigated with a keyboard When opening the list controls menu via a keyboard, focus cannot be placed on the opened list.

Asset Management


Clicking on form sections on the form layout screen for alm_hardware, can cause the sections for alm_asset to be loaded When this happens, new form sections are added to alm_asset instead.
  1. Open an alm_hardware record.
  2. Right-click the form header and select Configure > Form Layout.
  3. In the Section field, click New... to create a new section. Be careful not to click any of the existing sections first.
  4. Create a new section and add a field to the section.
  5. Return to the alm_hardware form.

    Note that the section appears as expected.

  6. Right-click the form header and select Configure > Form Layout > General.

    Note that the Sections in the section field change. Hardware used to be the first section, but now Asset is first.

  7. Create another new form section, add a field to it, and save again.
  8. Return to the alm_hardware form.

    Note that the second new section created in step 7 does not appear.

  9. Open the sys_ui_section list and look for the form section you created in step 7.

Note that it was created on alm_asset instead of alm_hardware.



Received ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected - got CLOB error when searching TAG

Platform Performance


Progress workers are not limited/throttled, which can lead to resource constraints on application nodes Progress workers are not limited or throttled, which can lead to resource constraints on the application node and potentially no free memory, high CPU, and no available database connections.

Change Management



In a standard change catalog, an equals sign in template values produces an error message If a mandatory field for the submission of a standard template contains an equals sign (=), the test for the field fails with the error message ""Change Request values" have not been provided: Short description, Description, Implementation plan." The field is read as though it does not contain a value even if there are values present along with the equals sign.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

UI Components


'Is one of' treats white spaces in fields values as delimiter in List v3 When using List v3, when the 'is one of' filter condition is used, and the value added to the condition contains two strings with an white space in between, the system turns the white space to a comma.
  1. Activate List v3 in an out of the box instance.
  2. Go to sys_ui_action.list. If List v3 fails, go to list control and check the List v3 compatible check box.
  3. Create a filter with the name 'is one of' 'Request Approval' or 'View Toggle', without the quotes.
  4. Run the filter.

Expected behavior: The filter should be "name in 'request approval' , 'view toggle'".

Actual behavior: The filter will be translated to "name in request, approval, view, toggle".

Text Search


The text indexer triggers whichever logic is associated to a variable during the indexing process The text indexer encounters delays when processing a Lookup Select Box variable that is associated with the sys_user table. The variable has a defined choice list that will fetch all sys_user records. This causes a performance issue for the indexer and prevents it from completing work.
  1. Create an incident from the Service Catalog.
  2. Update the incident, which triggers a text_index update update event on the incident table.

When this event is getting processed, the indexer is loading large data rows.

Service Portal


Catalog UI policy with empty condition cannot make HTML variable read-only When using a catalog UI policy to set 'HTML' variable to read-only, it is not honored when viewing the catalog item from the Service Portal.

Activate the Service Portal for Enterprise Service Management [com.glide.service-portal.esm] plugin.

  1. Navigate to Maintain Items > Report an Incident.
  2. Add a new variable to Catalog Item:
    • Type: HTML
    • Question: test
    • Name: test
  3. Create a new catalog UI policy to catalog item.
  4. Add a catalog UI policy action to the catalog UI policy:
    • Variable name : test
    • Read-only: true
  5. Go to Service Portal.
  6. Click Order Something, Can We Help You?, and Report An Incident.

The "test" HTML field is editable instead of read-only.

Audit History


Printing an audit-enabled table throws error "Illegal access to method getSpecialED() in class com.glide.audit.AuditRecord" Printing an audit-enabled table throws UI error message at the bottom of the page: "llegal access to method getSpecialED() in class com.glide.audit.AuditRecord".

Service Catalog



Unable to add variables to Service Catalog items When the High Security plugin is not activated, users are unable to create new variables after upgrading the instance to Helsinki. Some base system ACLs are missing.

This issue occurs only when High Security Settings Plugin (com.glide.high_security) is not enabled.

  1. Log in to an instance as a catalog_admin or catalog_editor.
  2. Navigate to Service Catalog > Catalog Definitions > Maintain Items.
  3. Click New.
  4. In the Variables section or tab, click New.

Note that all of the fields are read-only.

Performance Analytics


User should not be able to save the widget form until all the required fields are filled in Users are able to save widgets without providing mandatory information. If a user has not filled in or configured the required mandatory fields, they should receive a message that tells them to fill in the fields before saving the form.

Update Sets


Users can create a field with the same name on a parent and child table using update sets Creating a field with the same name on the same branch (such as task or incident) should not be possible, but users are able to do so with update sets. This can cause intermittent erratic behavior.

Upgrade Engine Issues



Upgrading the com.snc.service plugin overwrites changes made to the sys_user Dictionary record

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Service Catalog



Questions are not visible on the risk assessment survey when called within a dialog box Some users are trying to use glideOverlay as the popup on the UI macro 'Fill Out Risk Assessment'. When glideOverlay is used, the questions are being hidden.

UI Components


Reference qualifier set in a reference field does not work when using the auto-completer feature This occurs in multi-language instances.



Reports do not display correctly under the My Reports section when the user's username has been changed since they created the report When a user creates a report and then later has a username change, reports do not display correctly under the My Reports section. Some users may have gotten a new primary email address and a new username/login for ServiceNow.




During Discovery, Windows 2012 storage sensor sometimes overwrites the model ID of a computer on new CIs During the discovery of a new computer, the computer OS information and the model ID are written to the CI while the storage probe is running. However, the storage probe occasionally overwrites the model ID with an incorrect value.

Discover a new Windows 2012 computer on your network. Note that occasionally the model ID shows an incorrect value on the CI.

UI Components


Bullet font size within HTML fields using TinyMCE and/or HTML editor does not honor font size changes within the data when uploading a Word file While creating knowledge base article using numbered list in TinyMCE text editor, upon increasing the font of the entire content, only the text changes and not the numbered list.
  1. Create a new knowledge base article.
  2. Edit the KB_knowledge.text field to make it a numbered list in the text editor.
  3. Enter some text, select all, and try to increase the font size.

The numbered list's font size does not increase.




Sensor error when processing Windows - Storage : TypeError: Cannot convert null to an object When the ProviderName from the WMI property 'Win32_MappedLogicalDisk.ProviderName' is empty, the 'Windows - 2008 Storage' probe payload, the sensor will get the error: "TypeError: Cannot convert null to an object"

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

UI Components


'Communicate workaround' button on Problem records adds '_123STREAMENTRY321_' to the comment When using the 'Communicate Workaround' UI action, the comment that is posted to the child incidents has '_123STREAMENTRY321_' prepended to the beginning of the comment.

This can be reproduced on any problem with child incidents in an out of box instance.

  1. Fill out the workaround and press Post.
  2. Press the Communicate workaround UI action.

'_123STREAMENTRY321_' is added to the comment.

Service Portal


When using Service Portal, timestamps are incorrect on records Affected users are seeing incorrect timestamps when records are updated (e.g. incident records).



Activity stream appears as empty Some users are experiencing issues with the activity stream - users cannot view work notes and additional comments. This issue affects any journal fields (e.g. work notes, comments, or custom types).
  1. Perform a cache flush.
  2. Open an incident and fill the Short description with: Here's a test.
  3. Submit the incident.
  4. Go to /
  5. Open any other incident.

Note the activity stream remains empty. Errors appear in the developer console.

Service Mapping


Service Mapping performance issues Some users are experiencing performance issues with Service Mapping. When changes occur around the same time in multiple business services, the service model re-computations take a long time and occupy all worker threads.



Enable agents to create a record off a chat after a conversation is closed If an end user leaves chat unexpectedly, the 'Create Incident' option disappears for the chat agent. The option should remain.

The Create Incident option disappears when:

  • The agent ends a conversation before a record was created of the chat.
  • The end user unexpectedly leaves a conversation before the agent is able to create a record.

Service Portal



Cannot view content of large, read-only text field because input does not resize
  1. Create a problem record with large content in the Description field.
  2. Switch to the /sp?id=form view of the record.

Note that the Description field does not resize to show content. If the field were read-only, the content is unreadable.

Incident Management



When a resolved incident is reopened, the Resolved By and Resolved fields are not cleared or updated

When an incident is resolved for the first time, the 'Resolved' and 'Resolved by' fields are populated.

If the incident is reopened, these fields do not get cleared. Then, when the incident is once again moved to the 'Resolved' state, the original 'Resolved' and 'Resolved by' values still persist. These fields are not updated with new values.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Survey Management


'Take Survey' widget fails to save/submit when the URL contains a trailing slash

A user can access a Service Portal with a URL suffix of "sp" using either of the following URLs:


When using the second URL, the Take Survey widget no longer works.

  1. Add the My Surveys widget to the homepage.
  2. Impersonate a user who has a 'Ready to Take' survey instance.
  3. Open the Service Portal via the following URL:
  4. From the My Surveys widget, open the survey.
  5. Once the survey loads, click Get Started.
  6. Complete part of the survey and click Save.

The following error message is displayed: "Something went wrong. Please try again later."

Core Platform


Listeners are not notified when property is deleted When a property is deleted, the listeners are not notified of a change.



Concurrent HashMap transactions on Database Views cause stuck semaphores If two transactions try to access a database view at the same time, the transactions can get stuck.

Project Management


When a scrum story has a project but no team selected, 'Assigned To' reference icon in scrum tasks (rm_scrum_task) form returns no rows The SDLC Scrum Task form does not return any values in the 'Assigned To' reference popup when the associated story for the scrum task has a value selected for Project but no value for Team is selected.

Make sure all of the Project, Portfolio, and SDLC Scrum plugins are installed.

  1. Create a new Story with a value for Project selected but no Team selected within the Story. Or, select any existing such record.
  2. Create a new Scrum Task for the story, or if one exists, open it.
  3. Click on the Assigned to reference popup for the field.

Note it comes up with no values.

Service Catalog


'Price if checked' and 'Recurring price if checked' fields are Decimal type, preventing the use of multi-currency for check box catalog variables

A currency cannot be set for the 'price_if_checked' and 'recurring_price_if_checked' fields on check box variables because these are Decimal type fields. This causes problems with the catalog item calculation and the display values shown on the forms when the catalog item and its other variable prices are not the same currency as the one derived from the default system locale, which is what is assumed for this decimal value.

Where the Item is in a different currency to the default locale's local currency, the variable prices are wrong. The system assumes the variable prices are in the default locale currency, and not in the same currency of the rest of the catalog item.

User Interface (UI)


Fixed queries are not part of the export query in v3

Performance Analytics


Pivot scorecard visualization always displays only the first 10 elements of the breakdown

Make sure to have collected scores in the instance.

  1. Log in as admin.
  2. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Dashboards.
  3. Click on edit dashboard and Add content.
  4. Select Performance Analytics > Breakdown.
  5. Create a new widget with visualization "Pivot scorecard" and breakdown "Assignment Group".
  6. Save and on the related list add 3 indicators that are using that breakdown (e.g. Number of open incidents).
  7. Save and reload the dashboard.

Notice that only the first 10 elements are displaying with values.

Import / Export


Profile Date Format causes unexpected easy import date/time fields issues
  1. Set your profile date format to any other than yyyy-MM-dd (e.g. MM-dd-yyyy).
  2. Find any table which contains a date/time field, or create a date/time field (e.g. incident.opened_at).
  3. Right-click the column to initiate easy-import.
  4. Select Insert and download the Excel template.
  5. Open the Excel template and set the 'Opened' field format to the custom yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss and put in a date/time value 2012-10-29 19:53:21.
  6. Complete the easy import and check the results.

Expected result: 10-29-2012 19:53:21

Actual result: 0017-11-03 03:53:21



Public surveys require the guest account, which gets removed when demo data is removed Public surveys require the guest account to work. However, the guest account is considered demo data and will get deleted if a user requests to remove all demo data. After that, trying to access a public survey will result in a blank page.




Legacy chat 'invite user' notification alert works only if the browser is refreshed When using the 'invite user' feature in legacy chat, the alert notification does not work consistently.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Service Mapping


Identification rule error about using a non-existent field - upon upgrade, a schema change is not applied to the cmdb_ci_endpoint_storf table After an upgrade to Istanbul, users see the error "Rule entry under cmdb_ci_endpoint_storf identifier using non-existent field is ignored during identification!" This issue occurs because the identification rule is using a non-existent field (container).



Drilling down to the Total/Total on a pivot table does not show correct data when 'Show Other' is turned on If a pivot report is made to display the 'Other' column, drilling down to the Total/Total value will not show correct data. In some cases, the filters are broken.
  1. Create a pivot report on the incident table:
    • Row: Incident state
    • Column: Caller
    • No. groups: 10
    • Show other: true
  2. Set the condition to Created on This year.
  3. Run the report and drill down to Total/Total.

Notice that the resulting filter is broken and shows all records from the table.

UI Components


Compact list Date/Time settings are not retained after the setting is enabled After the compact list date/time is changed to ON in system settings, the date/time display is not retained after refresh.
  1. Navigate to system settings and make sure that Compact list date/time is disabled.
  2. Go to any page with a date column on list. For example, navigate to Incidents > Open and add the date column, which is in the format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.
  3. Navigate to system settings and enable the Compact list date/time setting. Then exit the settings window.

    The date formation changes to the compact list format: the year is not shown for date values within the current year, and seconds are not shown for time values.

  4. Refresh the page.

    The date column changes back to YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.

  5. Navigate to system settings.

    The Compact list date/time is still enabled.

The date column should retain the compact list format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM.

UI Components


List v3: Pagination disappears when a UI action is added as 'List bottom button' Pagination disappears on List v3 once a UI action button is added to the list view as a 'List bottom button'.
  1. Navigate to System Definition > Plugins. Make sure the List v3 plugin is active.
  2. Navigate to Incident > All.

    Observe the pagination in the bottom-right corner of the list.

  3. Get the context menu for the table by navigating to Configure > UI Actions.
  4. Create a new UI action with following properties:
    • Table: Incident
    • List bottom button: Checked
  5. Name the UI action and save.
  6. Go back to Incident > All.

Observe that no pagination is present on the list.

Project Portfolio Management


In List view, 'current.sys_class_name' evaluates as undefined, causing ACLs to fail for dot-walked fields 'current.sys_class_name' evaluates as undefined when used in ACL scripts and when the ACL is executed while pulling list data. The same 'current.sys_class_name' evaluates properly when the ACL is executed from a form allowing the ACL to pass.
  1. Open
  2. Configure the list layout and add the dot-walked field Project (Sub tree root).Short Description.

    As an admin you will be able to see the short description field.

  3. Impersonate it_project_user.
  4. Open the project task list.

You will no longer see the short description.

Platform Security


Excessive number of records on 'sys_user_role_contains' table can cause the to stall an upgrade

Service Portal



Catalog UI policy action does not run on-load in Service Portal for conditions on the check box variable type
Catalog items with a check box variable type that used to show another field via a catalog UI policy are not working the same on Service Portal. For example, a catalog item has the following:
  • Field A (check box)
  • Field B (Single Line Text)

On load, Field B is hidden. It only appears after Field A is set to true (selected). This works correctly within the Service Catalog. On the Service Portal. the action within the Catalog UI policy only runs when selecting and clearing Field A.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Change Management


"Affected CI's" related list on Incident form triggers a warning on the logs

For a base system with the related list CIs Affected [task_ci] added to the Incident Form, each time the incident is loaded and there is a CI on the list of Affected CIs, the following warning message appears in the logs:

"WARNING *** WARNING *** *** Script [ChangeProposed]: [init] Unknown parameter passed in: [object GlideRecord]"

  1. Open an incident form record.
  2. Add the Affected CIs related list to the form.
  3. Add a CI.
  4. Save the record and copy the URL.
  5. Navigate to System Logs > Utilities > Node Log File Tailer.
  6. Open a new tab, paste the URL that you copied in step 4, and open the URL.
  7. Navigate to the Node log file tailer.

In the logs, the following error message appears:

*** Script [ChangeProposed]: [init] Unknown parameter passed in: [object GlideRecord]



When accessing, it causes a NullPointerException from the ACL The report drill down ACLs do not make sure that the report exists before trying to get the root report. This causes a NullPointerException.



Turning notification preferences on and off for non-primary devices on mandatory notifications makes them permanently on for that device After unsubscribing from a notification, users continue to receive them.



Windows credentials with special characters do not work when used by new PowerShell implementation (affects test credential and WinRM) The new PowerShell API, which is used by WinRM and test credential, does not correctly handle Windows credentials where there is a PowerShell-specific special character such as "$" in the username or password. This will cause authentication failures with targets even though the credentials are correctly defined.
  1. Create a Windows credential for an associated device that has a special character such as "$" as part of the password.
  2. Run test credential against the device.

Notice the credential test fails, even though this is the correct credential. As part of verifying the credential is correct, running a normal quick discovery on the target (as long as WMI is being used and not WinRM). This should result in a successful authentication and discovery of the device, and there should be an IP affinity created with the credential that failed the test in step 2.

Security Access Control Lists


On Express, clean demo data generates a large number of ACLs These ACLs have 'express_security' set to 'false', so they do not affect Express customers. However, after a user converts to Enterprise, these ACLs affect users.

Change Management Risk Assessment



Change Risk Assessment popup on submit is not being saved correctly

This issue can only be reproduced in Windows 7 (32 bit) and Chrome 54.

When a change's risk assessment is filled in and submitted, and the user views the record in the Risk Assessment related list, there is no Completed by or date stored. When a user tries to execute Risk Assessment, it errors out with a message saying the Risk Assessment must be completed.

The Istanbul Patch 1 fix for PRB723003 also includes a fix for PRB726440.


  • Ensure you are using a 32 bit Windows 7 VM:
  • Download Windows 7 and install as 32bit on VMware fusion here.

Steps to reproduce

In a Geneva instance:

  1. Install the 'Change Management - Risk Assessment' plugin with demo data.
  2. Set the form to load related lists on demand.
  3. Create a Change record with category Software and click Submit.
  4. Click Fill Out Risk Assessment.
  5. Fill in the survey and click Submit.
  6. Load the related lists to see the Risk Assessment list.

    See that the record is there; however, no "Completed by" or "Completed date" is populated.

  7. Click Execute Risk Assessment.

Note the message "A risk assessment is required..."

MID Server


Users are seeing 'org.slf4j.impl.StaticLoggerBinder' errors upon MID Server startup When the MID Server starts up, errors appear in the wrapper log.

The following errors appear:

2016/12/21 18:56:25 | Overriding formatter to:
   (for handler: java.util.logging.FileHandler)
2016/12/21 18:56:39 | SLF4J: Failed to load class
2016/12/21 18:56:39 | SLF4J: Defaulting to
   no-operation (NOP) logger implementation;

Service Portal


Autosize functionality is not working for form fields - TEXTAREA

Date and Time


User was able to create calendar record with conflicting hours, which led to an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException and blocked alert processing The user created a calendar record with conflicting hours. The first record was Monday from 00:00 to 23:59:59, and the second record was Monday from 12:00:00 to 20:00:00. This led to an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException error during the GlideCalendar load whenever the EventProcessor would run. Deleting the record restored the event processor.

HR Service Management



When upgrading, HR demo data defaults are reactivated and overwrite customizations If HR demo data is customized or categories deactivated in base system content, the content might revert to the base system defaults after upgrading.
  1. Modify the base system content in one of the following categories, or deactivate the data:
    • HR Categories
    • Workday scheduled job
    • Surveys
    • HR Case and Task templates
    • Document templates
    • HR skills
    • Connect action
    • Chat queue
    • HR Portal preferences
    • HR groups
  2. Upgrade the instance.

Note that the records have reverted back to the base system default data values.

Server Side Scripting



Very large filter scripts are compiled even when com.glide.script.filter.interpreted.mode = true, causing metaspace memory issues

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Survey Management


In Geneva, adding a large amount of questions (100+) into the Survey Designer causes the instance to suffer performance degradation The system can become slow and unresponsive.
  1. Navigate to Survey > Survey Designer.
  2. Drag and drop multiple questions into the UI tool.

After adding 100 or more questions, the system begins to experience performance issues.

Asynchronous Message Bus



Memory leak may prevent AMB (chat, record watcher, etc.) messages from being sent when session_message_queue_size reaches capacity In Istanbul, a memory leak has been discovered that prevents the AMB session message queue from being flushed correctly.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Project Portfolio Management


When a Project is created from a Demand, customized code should set the demand as the parent of the project
  1. Customize the script include 'DemandToProjectCreationHelper' to add demand as a parent of project, just before inserting the demand record.
  2. Then, create a Demand.
  3. On the demand, select Create Project.
  4. Check the project record that is created.

The parent is pointing to the demand, which breaks the engine.

All Other Fixes

To view a list of all other PRBs fixed in Jakarta, refer to All other Jakarta fixes.

Other Jakarta information