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Agile Development upgrade information

Agile Development upgrade information

Agile Development upgrade information for Jakarta.

Existing customers already having Agile Development installed should evaluate the upgrade information before applying the new Agile Development 2.0 plugin.

Delete previous customizations

If you customized the Agile Development application in an earlier release, delete these customizations before activating the Agile Development 2.0. Failure to do so might affect the functionality in Agile Development 2.0 plugin.
Note: Agile Development 2.0 activation does not remove or change the values of customized fields in Agile Development. Only a few UI actions, client scripts, business rules, and form and list view configurations are reverted. For more information on the artifacts that are reverted, see the deleteCustomerUpdatesForScrumApplication business rule.

Close all open sprints

As sprints are associated to a group as opposed to a release in Agile Development, you must close all the open sprints before upgrading to Agile Development 2.0. All open stories and scrum tasks associated with these sprints should also be closed/completed.

Convert release teams to assignment groups

After upgrading to Agile Development 2.0, you must convert release teams to assignment groups as Release Team is replaced by Assignment Group in Agile Development 2.0. After conversion, associate the assignment groups to product/release.