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Modify embedded help role priority

Modify embedded help role priority

You can modify the default order of priority that is assigned to a role in the Embedded Help Role Priority [sys_embedded_help_role] table. The priority order determines what embedded help content a user accesses on a UI page, based on roles assigned to the user.

Before you begin

Role required: embedded_help_admin or admin

About this task

When you add a role, such as a role for a custom application, it is automatically added to the Embedded Help Role Priority [sys_embedded_help_role] table with the appropriate default order. You can modify the role priority, including adding priority numbers between the default priority numbers, if appropriate.


  1. Navigate to Embedded Help > Role Priority and locate the role to modify the priority.
  2. Double-click the value in the Order column to open the list editor.
  3. Enter the new priority order number and click the green check mark to save it.