Apply configuration to search

You can apply configurations to define conditions for each search context. For example, you can configure the catalog search resource to only display search results from a specific service catalog.

  1. In the Search Context form, open the Resource Configuration related list to show the resource configurations available for that context. The resource configurations available are based on the searcher selected for this search context.
  2. Click the arrow icon beside the searcher name to expand the entry, showing which configuration properties are available.
    Contextual Search: Expanded Resources
  3. Click a property name to view the property details.
    Contextual Search: Resources Details
    Table 1. Search Properties
    Catalog Search Property Description
    Catalog name Restrict the search results displayed to those within the named catalog.
    Search operator Alter how to combine AND and OR conditions when parsing the search string, to score the results displayed. Set this to:.
    • IR_AND_OR_QUERY (the default): Display results with exact matches of all terms if the number of results is greater than the value of the glide.ts.query.and_or_limit property (default 0) or the (overriding) value of the table custom attribute text_search_and_or_limit (when added). Otherwise display results with any matches of any terms.
    • IR_AND_QUERY: Display results with exact matches of all terms only.
    • IR_OR_QUERY: Display results with any matches of any terms.
    Table 2. Name of form
    Knowledge Search Property Description
    Knowledge enter an encoded query string defining the configuration required.
  4. Click Update.