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Solving errors on dashboards created from homepages

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Solving errors on dashboards created from homepages

Occasionally it is not possible to create a dashboard from a homepage. Follow the instructions for each error to solve these problems.

Entity name must immediately follow the '&' in the entity reference

When you try to create a dashboard version of a homepage, the following error may occur: 'The entity name must immediately follow the '&' in the entity reference'. To solve this error, remove ampersands from the names of the dashboards in the instance or temporarily change the value of the glide.ui.escape_text property.

Before you begin

Role required: security_admin to edit glide.ui.escape_text or admin/dashboard_admin to rename dashboards.

About this task

There are two sources of this error:
  • The system property glide.ui.escape_text is set to false.

    Only users with the security_admin role can enable or disable the glide.ui.escape_text property.

  • There are dashboards in the instance that contain an ampersand (&) in the title.

    If any dashboard in the instance has an ampersand in the title, and the glide.ui.escape_text property is set to false, then conversion of homepages to dashboards is not possible.

If both of these conditions are met, then the list of dashboards that you can add the converted homepage to does not populate and you cannot convert the homepage.

With the security_admin role, you can temporarily enable this property and convert the homepages in your instance to dashboards.


  1. Elevate your role to security_admin.
  2. In the filter navigator, type sys_properties.list.
  3. In the System Properties list, find glide.ui.escape_text and enable this property.
  4. Create dashboard versions of the homepages.
    The dashboard list is shown and you can create dashboard versions the homepages as new dashboards or add the dashboard versions as tabs to existing dashboards.
  5. Disable glide.ui.escape_text.