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Service catalog execution plans

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Service catalog execution plans

Service catalog enables you to associate execution plans with catalog items.

Once you have created the execution plan record, you can associate it with catalog items, create task templates, and associate any catalog item variables to tasks, if required.

You can also:

  • Apply conditions to tasks
  • Create approval tasks, enabling you to step back to a previous step if the approver rejects the request.

Associate execution plan with items

After you submit the execution plan record, you select a catalog item to use the execution plan.

About this task

This association can be done later, but doing it at this stage enables you to access relevant catalog item variables in the execution plan.


  1. Navigate to Service Catalog > Catalog Definition > Maintain Items.
  2. Select a catalog item.
  3. In the Execution Plan field, select the new execution plan.
  4. Click Update.