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Define an assignment rule for problems

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Define an assignment rule for problems

After a problem is logged, it must be assigned to the appropriate group or individual to handle the problem. You can define assignment rules to automate the assignment process.

Before you begin

Role required: assignment_rule_admin or admin

About this task

Some assignment rules are predefined for Problem Management. Review the predefined assignment rules, and verify that the problem assignment rules you want to use are active. For example, the Network Problem assignment rule looks at the configuration item class for network problems and assigns the problem to the Network group.

In this procedure, define an assignment rule to assign database problems to the Database group. This is just an example to let you know how to define an assignment rule. The Database Problem assignment rule is already available in the base system.


  1. Navigate to System Policy > Assignment and click New.
  2. Complete the form using the following information.
    • Name: Database Problems
    • Applies To tab or section:
      • Table: Problem [problem]
      • Conditions: Dot-walk to [Configuration Item.Class] [is] [Database].
    • Group in the Assign To tab or section: Database
  3. Click Submit.
  4. Test the assignment rule by completing the following steps.
    1. Navigate to Problem > Create New.
    2. Complete the problem form and select a configuration item with a class of Database.
    3. Click Submit.
    4. Open the problem and verify that the assignment group was added.