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Task-Outage Relationship components

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Task-Outage Relationship components

Task-Outage Relationship creates a many-to-many relationship between the Task [task] table and the Outage [cmdb_ci_outage] table. After Task-Outage Relationship is activated, users can create an outage from the Incident or Problem forms. For new instances from Jakarta only, this feature is also available on the Change form.

The following components are installed with Task-Outage Relationship.

Table 1. Table added by Task-Outage Relationship
Table Description
Task Outage [task_outage] A many-to-many table that stores references to the Task [task] and Outage [cmdb_ci_outage] tables.

The Add Short Description business rule is included. The business rule adds a short description to outages as <CI Name> Outage, for example, UNIX Server1 Outage.

The Create Outage UI action is added for the Task [task] table. For new instances in Jakarta, another Create Outage UI action is added for the Change Request [change_request] table. These UI actions enable users to create outages directly from the task or change form.

When Task-Outage Relationship is activated, the Outages related list is added to the Change Request form. An administrator can add the Outages related list to other task forms, such as incidents and problems.

To assign multiple tasks to an outage, the administrator can configure the Tasks related list to appear on the Outages form.