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Perform risk assessment

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Perform risk assessment

You can perform risk assessment of existing change requests after the risk assessment criteria are defined. After assessing the risk, you can view the risk assessment responses in the change request.

Before you begin

Role required: itil or admin

About this task

Verify that the Risk Assessment related list is configured on the Change Request form. If it is not configured, an administrator can add the Task Assessment > Task related list.


  1. Open a change request.
  2. Click the Fill Out Risk Assessment related link.
    The appropriate risk assessment based on the definition is displayed.
  3. Answer the questions and click Submit.
    Example risk assessment questions
  4. After submitting the risk assessment, click the Execute Risk Calculation related link to calculate the risk based on the assessment.
    The results of the risk calculation are displayed.
    Risk calculation results
  5. To view risk assessment responses, select the Risk Assessment related list.
  6. Click the reference icon for an assessment to view the responses.
    Users with survey_admin or survey_reader role can navigate to Legacy Surveys > Survey Responses and filter by Instance. Survey instances are individual assessments distinguished by the date and time when they are taken.