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Drill down within benchmark KPI data

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Drill down within benchmark KPI data

You can drill down within benchmark KPI data for further analysis within Performance Analytics.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_bm_client.benchmark_admin, or sn_bm_client.benchmark_data_viewer with pa_viewer role
Note: When drilling down on a benchmark value, Benchmarks viewer must have pa_viewer role to view Performance Analytics scorecards.

About this task

You can drill down on a benchmark value from the KPI performance trends chart to view individual data that makes up that value. For example, you may want to drill down and investigate data that is presented as a value in red (lower performance) on the chart.
Note: You can only drill down within KPI data from the KPI performance trends chart. You can only drill down on scores generated using Performance Analytics.


  1. Navigate to Benchmarks > Dashboard.
  2. Click a KPI to view the KPI definition and performance trend.
  3. Click a point in your benchmark data on the performance trends chart to drill down further into the Performance Analytics scorecard.
    Note: For additional analysis on Chart, Scores, Comments, or More info, see Performance Analytics.