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View Anomaly Map

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View Anomaly Map

The Anomaly Map generated by Operational Metrics, displays the 10 CIs with the highest metric anomaly scores across a time period. The map lets you drill down into each CI to display anomaly scores for each of the CI's metrics. Anomaly scores are color coded to help you isolate problem areas at a glance.

Before you begin

Role required: evt_mgmt_user

About this task

Operational Metrics monitors metric data for CIs and detects anomalies when values are out of bounds, according to the statistical model. Anomalies are scored on a scale of 0-10 and mapped into color codes based on score thresholds defined in the Anomaly Score to Event Severity Map [sa_metric_anomaly_score_to_event_severity_map] table.

There are three ways to navigate to the CI for which to display metrics:
  • Use Hottest Configuration Items() to quickly access to the 10 most anomalous CIs.
  • Use Pinned Configuration items() to create a separate custom list of any CIs from the CMDB that has metric data.
  • Use Business Services( ) to display all the CIs included in a specified business service.
    Note: Some CIs in a business service might not have metric data. In this case, the respective icon does not have a dot on the upper left side, and no metric data is displayed.


  1. Navigate to Event Management > Operational Metrics > Anomaly Map. In the Anomaly Map, point to a colored anomaly box to display the details of the CI and the time period for the anomaly scores.
    The color of each anomaly box represents the highest anomaly score of all metrics for the CI for the time period.
  2. Click a CI in the left-hand side bar to display a breakdown of its metrics with the respective anomaly scores across the time period.
  3. Point to an anomaly box to display its precise anomaly score.
    The color coded anomaly score next to the metric represents the latest metric value for the CI.

What to do next

  • Click Pinned Configuration items (), and then click Add Configuration Item (+) to add to the Anomaly Map any CI that is not displayed by default.
  • Click Business Services ( ), and then click Add Business Service (+) to add all CIs included in the specified business service.
  • Click the icon to open the Anomaly Map Settings dialog box to configure the Refresh Interval. Enable and set the frequency for refreshing anomaly data on the Anomaly Map.
  • Zoom in or out by changing the default Last Hour time range selection. Select one of the preset time periods to display anomaly scores for the last 6 Hours for example, or specify a custom time period for up to 90 days back. Click the timestamp at a column heading to drill into the time period between the current column and the column to the right.

  • Right-click a CI in the left-hand side bar and select View Form to open its CI form.
  • Click a tile in the Anomaly Map to switch to the Metric Explorer, which displays the metric chart for the CI that was clicked.